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[Kenya] ‘Let Us Work Together for the Future of Kenya’ – The IYF with the Kenyan Government

– Cooperation promised with the Kenyan Government Departments


MOU Signed with Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts of Kenya

On the 25th, Kenyan Youth Minister Kariuki attended the opening ceremony and delivered a congratulatory message; in the morning of the 26th and 27th, Education Deputy-Minister Dinah Mwinzi and Culture and Sports Minister Hassan Wario each attended and spent time with the students; and in the afternoon of the 27th, the education development committee Director and staffs visited Pastor Ock Soo Park by order of the President to request cooperation in the reformation of Kenya’s education and deliver gratitude towards the Pastor and the IYF for working for Kenya’s education.



Especially, on the 27th, an MOU was signed between the IYF and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kenya with the attendance of the Minister Hassan Wario.


Having been present at Pastor Ock Soo Park’s visit to the State House on June 2nd, Minister Hassan Wario had been directly ordered by the President to support the activities of the IYF.

Consequently, this World Camp was prepared through close cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sports. They helped us with renting venue, receiving visa and entry into the country.


“This MOU consists of items that help us work together. But the most important thing as a country is that we must not only receive but also give and we will support the IYF as much as possible. We want to support within our possible abilities.” (Dr. Hassan Wario/ Minister of Sports, Culture & The Arts)


On this day, Minister Hassan Wario had a face-to-face interview with Pastor Ock Soo Park. At this encounter, Pastor Ock Soo Park requested cooperation for the IYF Mind Education and various other activities, and the Minister replied that he will help as much as possible.


IYF Kenya Branch Manager Wook Yong Kim hoped that this MOU agreement would lead to cooperation with other government departments as well.

Based on the fiduciary and cooperative relation between the Kenyan Government and the IYF formed through the 2016 Kenya IYF World Camp, we hope an even brighter and happier future for the youth of Kenya unfolds. (Wook Yong Kim / IYF Kenya Branch Manager)

A Meeting with the Director of the Kenyan Education Development Association, ‘Please Be Together for the Establishment of the Kenya Education Reform Plan’

In the afternoon, by special order of the President, the Director of the Kenyan education development association who is drawing up the future blueprint of Kenya’s education visited Pastor Ock Soo Park despite his busy schedule to harmonise the IYF Mind Education with the establishment of the Kenyan education reform plan.




The staffs of the Kenyan education development association was focused on the Mind Education being carried out by the IYF for the education of Kenya and requested that the IYF take part in drawing up the education curriculum that will take place from next week. Pastor Ock Soo Park introduced the Mind Education saying that education until now was only taught at the stage of ‘don’t play games’, ‘don’t take drugs’, and ‘don’t do bad things,’ but the IYF’s Mind Education is being carried out worldwide by changing the minds of the youth who are wandering and unable to control their minds.

He added, moreover, that the IYF Mind Education is receiving attention worldwide with many educational officials such as the university presidents of India who are currently working together with us, efforts to establish the mind education department in each university are in progress, an invitation from the President of Uganda for a meeting on the 26th to discuss such matters, and a scheduled meeting on the 28th by invitation of the President of Malawi.


He also expressed that he was looking forward to the IYF taking part in the establishment of the Kenyan education reform plan, and both sides promised to carry out detailed executive discussions from next week.


The Second Greatest Broadcasting Station in Kenya, NTV Interviews Pastor Ock Soo Park

Not only the Government, but also the media of Kenya are showing interest in the World Camp and the IYF Mind Education. Yesterday, the second biggest broadcasting station in Kenya, NTV visited the event venue to interview Pastor Ock Soo Park. Through the interview, we were able to introduce the activities of Pastor Ock Soo Park as a youth expert and the Swahili songs of the Gracias Choir that mesmerize the youth of Kenya.

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