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[Kenya] Now We Are Indulged In the Word!

“This Word of God that you have heard today has been planted in the heart of everyone gathered in the Nyayo National Stadium. Through these people, tens of thousands of people in Kenya will also hear this Word and plant it inside of their hearts.” (Bishop Oyugi)

If you describe the normal Crusades as that of just prayer and praises, the Bible Crusade in the Nyayo National Stadium was filling the hearts of the pastors and the participants with only the Word of God. The length of the sermon, which is eighty minutes long, was not something that the Kenyan Christians were used to. But because believing in God means that you only trust the Word of God, the programs of the Bible Crusade in the Nyayo National Stadium had been planned around the sermon.

The Main Speaker Yongkook Park, through Luke Chapter 15, led the participants inside the Bible to meet the Second Son and the Father. During that time, the heart of God began to sock into the listeners’ hearts. Now every word in the Bible was not just a story but their own stories and realising that the Father’s heart was God’s heart towards them they threw their hands up in acknowledgement and delight.

From two in the afternoon, even during the Leader’s Symposium to 800 pastors and ministers, speaker Pastor Jongsoo Yun, through John Chapter 5, sprinkled their hearts with the Word. While moving around from Leviticus to John and Matthew, Jesus, who was God’s little lamb that took away the sins of the world, was established inside of the participants’ hearts. Full of joy they all put their hands up, saying that the little lamb had also taken away their own sins.

At the same time, to the audience who filled the stadium to watch the choral festival, the Word of God was spread. While the judges were assessing the performances of 18 different choirs, God’s Words were delivered. For a long time, we have lived following our own thoughts and believing what we see with our own eyes. But now we will listen to what Jesus says and what the Bible is telling us. Now the Word of God that has been preached to these people will lead the Kenyans and the whole country.

Even during the weekdays on Thursday and Friday, more than 3500 people filled the Nyayo National Stadium in the morning session as well as the evening session. In the four sessions so far, there had been 13000 people in total who had participated. Now on Saturday and Sunday, the Word of God will be sprinkled to the hearts of the participants and it will find its roots little by little.

In the Nyayo National Stadium which bears the meaning, ‘footprint’, the Word of God, through the guest pastor is reaching the hearts of the audience. The footsteps of God and Jesus are approaching the heart of the people in the Nyayo National Stadium.

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