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[Kenya] “Pastor, We Have Waited For So Long!”

The Bible Crusade and the National Peace Prayer Conference with Pastor Ocksoo Park

On the 21st of January, Pastor Ocksoo Park visited the church in Nairobi, Kenya.

Because of the absence of Pastor Ocksoo Park during large events in 2014, such as the Bible Crusade in the Nyayo National Stadium and the World Camp, the news of his visit in the New Year became a large happiness to the brothers and sisters, who were longing for his coming.



Pastor Ocksoo Park, along with Jinyoung Park, Hyemi Choi and Soobin Park of the Gracias Choir arrived in Kenya after their visit to Swaziland in the south of Africa. The brothers and sisters, Pastors of the Mahanaim Bible College came out all the way to the entrance of the church to welcome him passionately.

As soon as he arrived, Pastor Park preached the Word outside the building.

“The earth did not do anything to get rid of the darkness. It could not. However, the Word of God that said, “Let there be light”, chased out the darkness and the earth was able to bear herbs and fruits according to its kind. Inside of the Word of God, there is life and the Word of God is light.”



Including the students from the Mahanaim Bible College, the brothers and sisters invited so many friends and family that the chapel was full and an atmosphere almost like a Retreat was created.



Through each session, the music of Soprano Jinyoung Park and Hyemi Choi and pianist Soobin Park touched the hearts of the people. Also, the Word of 1 Kings 17:8-16, preached by Pastor Ocksoo Park, during the evening of the 21st and the morning of the 22nd, gave hope to the people.



“The widow of Zarephath was about to make the bread to eat and die before hearing the words of Elijah. However, after listening to the Elijah, she made the bread with the hope of living. Even if you lead an identical life a person with and a person without the Word of God in their hearts are completely different. I hope that, wherever you are, you can throw away your thoughts and accept the Word of God.


In the evening of the 22nd, 30 very important guests from Kenya’s religion, politics and education gathered for the NPBC Prayer Conference.

Professor Mugenda, who visited Korea in July 2013 and had gospel fellowship with Pastor Park, is the President of Kenya’s second National University, Kenyatta. He gave his thankful greetings towards Pastor Ocksoo Park and Good News Mission for their ministry and close collaboration in the work within Kenya.

The music of Gracias Choir makes the heart peaceful and warm, regardless of who the heart belongs to. The participating VIPs sang along to the hymns that were sung in Swahili and when Pastor Ocksoo Park took to the podium, they got to their feet to greet him.



“Many young people falling into sin is becoming a problem worldwide. It is important to put hope in their hearts. God had made us, who are like the ‘earth’, to bear fruits and beautiful flowers instead of those that are like gold, diamond or sapphire. The only organisation that changes young people, in the world, is IYF. By sitting here today, you are contributing to IYF and you are participating in the work that will powerfully change Kenya. Let us continue to brighten the tomorrows of the youth in Kenya and work with IYF in making the leaders of the next generation.”


After the sermon from Pastor Ocksoo Park, there was a Prayer Conference for the peace of Kenya and the young people.

After the prayer of Pastor Park, Senior Bishop Boniface Adoyo, who has a large influence in the Christianity in Kenya and Bishop David Mema, who is collaboratively working for the Post-Conferences following the Nyayo National Stadium Bible Crusade, prayed as representatives of all the VIPS.


Pastor Wookyong Kim, the president of NPBC, expressed his thanks to the important guests and introduced them to the purpose of the organization.


The NPBC is a Christian organization, currently with 1050 Pastors and Bishops registered that focuses on preaching the true Gospel to all the people in Kenya and providing them with the guidance to have a proper relationship with God.

In this particular event, along with many influential Bishops, the president of Kenyatta University, the vice president of the Nairobi University, the vice president of KCA University, teaching staff of the USIU and the Minister of Youth from the Cabinet all attended.

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