[Kenya] President Kenyatta Declaration: “I hope that Mind Education spread and covers all of Kenya”

In 2007, demonstrations due to the election erupted in violence with many people killed and conflicts between tribes culminated. Many people lost hope and left Kenya. In response, the IYF started holding a Peace Camp ever year and the Mind Education from the IYF gave many young people peace in their hearts.

As Kenya’s Ministry of Youth and its National Youth Service both think highly of the IYF, the two organizations have signed MOU’s with and entrusted the education of their young people to the IYF. Also, other organizations such as the police force, correctional facilities, and the ministry of education have all also requested for Mind Education programs to be implemented in their schools.

Mind Education for the Military in 2017

In November of 2019, 20 high-ranking bureaucrats who went to Korea to learn corruption prevention and attended Mind education learning sessions. The Director of Civil Service attended these training sessions and he reported to the president of Kenya about the importance of Mind Education. For the benefit of society at large, he also advised the president to meet Pastor Ock Soo Park to meet in a video conference.

The Director of Civil Service at the MOU signing with Pastor Ock Soo park in 2020

On September 15th at 5 pm (South Korean Time), a video conference on Zoom was held. The Executive Office of the President of Kenya hosted the meeting and Pastor Ock Soo Park, the founder of the IYF, and John Kim, the IYF branch director in Nairobi were invited to attend. Representing the country of Kenya, Joseph Mucheru, the Minister of Youth, George Magoha, the Minister of Education, and Julius Korir, the Vice Minister of Youth, and Ruth Kagia, the state minister for political affairs were in attendance.

The Executive Office of the President of Kenya were the hosts for this video meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park