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[Kenya] Prodigies from the Best University with a Combination of Spiritual Life and Academics

2nd Graduation Ceremony of Mahanaim University


On the 21st of February, the 2nd Graduation Ceremony took place for Mahanaim University in Kenya. The Mahanaim University in Kenya was established with a goal to nurture workers of God with a strong heart, with a vision for them to change Africa. After being established on the 8th May 2013, in Nairobi Kenya, the students who have the heart of Christ are quickly growing and becoming more and more developed.




Currently, there are over 1000 students studying at Mahanaim University. In this graduation ceremony, there are 62 graduates from 4 different courses, Computer Technology, Languages, Media Studies and Hotel and Leisure. To congratulate them for their graduation, over 50 VIPs attended the ceremony as well as 700 other guests. The ceremony began with a variety of performances by the IYF branch in Kenya. The lead graduate, Alexius Mugambi spoke with hope as he shared his experience, saying that the world of the heart that he had learnt at the school would lead his life into happiness.


Interview – Alexius Mugambi / Media Studies / Lead Graduate

“Mahanaim University is very unique. This school has combined both spiritual life and academics. Every week we are taught the Mind Education and we receive Mind Training. Such activities have allowed us to grow individually as citizens. In order to be a great person in society, we need standards and morals in our lives and through the school I was able to become a better person.”





Through a video message, the founder of the school, Pastor Ock Soo Park, delivered the congratulatory message to he graduates. He said that the graduates who have studied in the Mahanaim University (meaning God’s Army), will be protected and will receive the help of God while they spread happiness around the world.







There were a lot of educational representatives who came to give a congratulatory message and Vice Chancellor of Mahanaim University, Tae Hyun Ha, gave a sincere message to the students. The Director of IYF Kenya, Uk Yong Kim, spoke about what kind of Christian is a true Christian and the true happiness that comes when God works in them. The graduates and guests were able to once again think about the power of spiritual life as Mahanaim University which makes it unique from other universities.


Interview – Professor James / Dean of National Kenyatta University

“As I witness the great culture of the students here at Mahanaim University, I can see the great things that they will achieve in society. These students have a completely different attitude to other students. It is almost as if I want to receive the same education that they receive. This is an education that will greatly influence our society and be of great help to them.”




All 62 graduates came to the stage to receive their diploma. In order to graduate from a university in a university in Kenya, one must pass a national exam. The standard of the test is very high so in other universities there are occasions where the students would receive lessons but still are not able to graduate. However, most of the students in Mahanaim University pass this difficult exam. The students were happy to have received their diploma after such a difficult process. The world of the heart that was learnt at the university had changed the lives of the students and God had given them the excitement of looking forward to their new lives.


Interview – Bettie / Family of Graduate

“When my niece entered this university I was so happy. When Judie enrolled to this university, I came with her. I researched this school and it thought that this would be a good university for her. Judie grew up beautifully and this girl who is like my own daughter has graduated. I am very joyful.”



Mahanaim University had been established to nurture leaders that will change Africa. As they go through this university, we are full of hope that, the graduates, who have learnt the world of the heart, will change Africa beautifully and brightly.

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