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(Kenya) The Bible Crusade Was Not the End But the Start!

“Are you Jacob or Esau? The reason why Jacob was able to call himself Esau was because of the complete faith that he had in his mother, Rebekah. All the requirements for Jacob to be blessed were fulfilled by Rebekah. Everyone, you are holy. This is because it was Jesus who had said that we are holy. Whether or not we are blessed and cleansed does not depend on us but on Jesus Christ.” (Part of Pastor Yongkook Park’s sermon)

On the third day of the Bible Crusade, the sermon of Pastor Yongkook Park and the interpretation in Swahili rang around the Nyayo National Stadium. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! He did not speak of our own images but rather how Jesus truly is. Therefore, although all the 4000 people who attended this Bible Crusade looked different and had different circumstances, they were able to become one. They became righteous people and holy people. This is because it was Jesus Christ who had made us righteous and made us holy.

In August 1994, Pastor Ocksoo Park came to Kenya as a guest speaker and he preached the gospel on the podium for 30 minutes in the Nyayo National Stadium.

Although this was a short time, through that missionaries Kim and Yun and their two families were able to come to Kenya on the 7th of November 1994 to start the mission in Kenya. Also, the mission in Africa, which would spread to over 30 countries, began. Through that Bible Crusade in Nyayo National Stadium, mission work through GBS TV started and the Mahanaim Bible College was founded, which is where educational ministry had begun.

On November 2014, the Bible Crusade in Nyayo National Stadium, marking the 20th anniversary of the mission is Africa was not the end but only the start. It is another 20 years that had started, in which God will have accomplished greater works of the gospel. Just like how in a small seed there is large tree trunk, beautiful green leaves and fresh fruit, inside the gospel that was being spread in this Bible Crusade there are the great works of God.

“I prepared this Nyayo Bible Crusade like it was the last Bible Crusade in my life. However, God gave me the heart that this Bible Crusade was not the end but rather for a new start. Not only will the good fight for the gospel begin, but such Bible Crusades will be started in many places in Kenya and also in the many countries of Africa.” (Pastor Ukkyoung Kim)

Even today, we can hear sounds of people receiving the forgiveness of sin after hearing the gospel. It is the sound of believing in God’s promise saying that he will no longer remember our iniquities and us becoming His children. Now new lives are beginning and the world of God has started. How happy God must be hearing such sounds from the third day of the Bible Crusade in the Nyayo National Stadium!

The first missionary of Kenya, Pastor Jongduk Kim preached the gospel in the Stadium during the choral festival.

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