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[Kenya] The seed of gospel which have planted across the country, region mind lecture news! (Novemb

which started from the 10th of last month that Kenya’s prime minister’s office and youth department hosted and IYF conducted, dropped the curtain on the 14th with about 2,800 youth leaders participating from 217 election precincts in the entire country.

This event where many youth of Kenya received salvation has influenced the preparation of the camp for the mind lecture of their own as they have invited IYF from all across the country after the event.

On October 29th, the Nyeri region youths hosted the camp with fringe area youth and they had time to listen to the mind lecture with various performances such as the righteous dance, tae kwon do, cultural performance, and a cappella singing of guest IYF students and so on.

Even in the rain, not only students but also residents participated and enjoyed the performance and came to have a graceful time listening to the gospel through the mind lecture in the Nyeri camp.

Also last month, the Technology Institute students of the Siaya region who participated in theasked to create an IYF club which is made up of a president, a vice president and an adviser and so on and asked the Nairobi headquarters to supervise a signing ceremony (MOU) and mind lecture for a memorandum of understanding.

The third of this month, many students and the principal participated in an open-mind lecture from Siaya which the students asked for, and they watched various performances and were delighted and they had time to form an IYF and Siaya Technology Institute ‘MOU’ during the event.

< IYF and Siaya Technology Institute signed MOU>

Also about 100 of the students who participated in the event joined the IYF as new members and the IYF club students who were invited served handcrafted prepared food and the short-term missionaries who participated and many students from IYF could have time to share their hearts with them and exchange ideas.

< IYF club students and short-term missionaries of Siaya region >

Activities such as the academy and mini-Olympics and so on in the afternoon gave the students special joy and opened their hearts broadly and many students could listen to the mind lecture carefully and listen to the gospel through them.

Lecturer missionary Sung Hwa Jo told them that as a prodigal son, he realized his image a one who failed and went back to his father where he received grace. When we that we are not able to do anything and go back to God finally, we could receive the grace of God through the story of the prodigal son who left his father and back again.

Now when the Nyeri and Siaya region camp finished, the youth who participated and received grace during the camp came from across the country from places such as Migori, Olkalau, Thika, kisumu, Machakos and so on. They are preparing actively to open their own mind lecture camp.

Now Kenya, Africa is waiting for the harvest with a glad heart as the seed of gospel plants many youth all across the country.

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