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[Kenya] True Gospel is Preached to 800 Christian Leaders in Kenya



From the 8th to 12th of February, the ‘Christian Leader’s Conference’ was held at the Good News Nairobi Church in Kenya. This event was held to preach the true gospel of God to the Kenyan Christian leaders who are leading churches without precise understanding of the bible. 230 Christian leaders learning the gospel at the Kenya Mahanaim Bible College and 600 general Christian leaders; a total of over 800 Kenya’s Christian leaders attended the meeting.

The participants stayed at Nairobi Church for 4 nights and 5 days and immersed themselves into the Words from early morning until evening. In the morning session, Missionary Uk Yong Kim of Kenya Nairobi Church gave a special lecture on the topic of Exodus’ tabernacle. The participants were profoundly impressed as they learned through the special lecture that the tabernacle, which was always considered difficult to understand, is actually a shadow of Jesus’ redemption. It was a moment of quality gospel being delivered to the Christian leaders of Kenya where most of them never received proper theology education.


In the afternoon, mind lectures and group meetings were carried out. This mind lecture was a continuation of the mind education course that took place in January and received fervent response. Lecturer Pastor Wimana said that a strong heart that can overcome any difficulty is derived from the bible. Also, he spoke about the healthy vision and happiness that a life with God gives us. In the group meeting that followed, a deep discussion about the gospel preached during the Christian Leaders’ Conference was carried out. The Leaders that gathered in small groups each shared their thoughts on the Words they listened to, enabling them to understand the gospel more clearly. Moreover, they learned the actual life of faith practiced in life as they shared testimonies about Jesus working in their ministry.



In the evening, the main lecturer of this event, Pastor Min Cheol Lim of Good News Ansan Church preached the Words in the book of Romans. Pastor Min Cheol Lim pointed out the wrong spiritual life of the Christian leaders who teach their congregation to be good in life although it is written in the bible that every man is a liar. Moreover, he wished them to be true leaders that accept Jesus who visited the false, evil, and incompetent humans.

The Christian Leaders’ Conference delivered true salvation to the ministers in Kenya. The Good News Mission Christian Leaders’ Conference is receiving great attention from Kenyan Christendom as a place of true gospel being delivered.



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