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[Kenya] What Happened on the Easter of 2016?

2016 Kenya Easter Retreat Begins




The 2016 Easter Retreat took place at the Good News Nairobi Church from the 24th to the 28th of March. Unlike Korea, Easter Day is an official holiday in Kenya and greatly celebrated. The Kenyans have a long holiday not only on the 27th but starting from the 25th to the 28th. Normally, people go to their hometown or rest but, the born again saints did not miss a chance to gather together. Each year, Good News Kenya Church holds a retreat around the season of Easter and God’s great works can be experienced.



It’s been over 20 years since Good News Mission has step foot in Kenya and currently there are more than 40 churches established in the country. In Kenya, the Easter Retreat has been an important tool in gathering the saints serving the gospel across the regions to unite. On the first day of the retreat in the 24th of March, the saints lined up outside Good News Nairobi Church since morning. Although they traveled a long way by an uncomfortable bus, they’re expression were filled with expectations towards the Words.


“Many people go travel or party on Easter holidays. After receiving salvation at the Good News Mission, God gave me joy every time I attend the retreat. We are happy to listen to the servants of God preach to us that our sins have all been washed away.” – Elizabeth / Good News Gidurai Church




In the evening of the first day, various performances took place. The Righteous Stars’ dance by the Mahanaim International High School students, band and play prepared by the Nairobi Church youths, the beautiful praise by the Nairobi Church Choir gave the participants joy and opened their hearts. The grand chapel was filled with saints and after each performance they sent cheers and applause.




Pastor Jin Seong Kim of Good News Ulsan Church in Korea spoke about spiritual life embracing God in the heart by comparing King David with Saul; as the Saul that embraced the flesh is killed in the end, our flesh has also been ended by God on the cross. Moreover, he wished for the brothers and sisters to live a blessed spiritual life through joining hearts with Jesus and freed from the sound of our flesh coming from Adam. He delivered the message that when we draw a clear line about the voice of God, our spiritual life becomes easy and we can become happy.





“I learned that the reason I couldn’t overcome the difficult circumstances I face was because I couldn’t separate my thoughts from the Words. When I asked myself if I was standing before the Words of God, if that is the work of God then I want to go forward strongly.” – Lilian / Good News Busia Church


God will no doubt show His works in the 2016 Kenya Easter Retreat that will take place until the 28th of March.


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