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(Kenya) “Where are thine accusers? Has no one condemned thee?”

2015 Kenya world camp began in Moi Stadium with 3,500 people from July 28th to August 1st.

Many events were held alongside Kenya world camp. Youth camp for young people, Christian Leaders Training to train Christian leaders and Bible Crusade for church members.

“Prior to preparation of world camp, around 600 students were connected to church through volunteer workshop. The volunteers were divided into two kinds of people. The first groups were people who attended important programs only and the other groups were people who stayed in the church all day long to have fellowship with us. I could feel that 50 students who were together with us all along were able to get closer towards the clear gospel. These volunteers are operating all programs of the camp. Students who came from 3 hours distance were very pleased with youth camp programs and wished for other people to participate.” (Kenya Nairobi church Pastor Yohan Kim)

There were many financial conditions that were supposed to be met to run the event such as renting a big hall. Eventhough ‘MoSound’ the company that rents broadcasting, stage, light systems agreed on cutting down the estimation of 120 thousand dollars by 50%, to 50 thousand dollars, the situation seemed impossible to pay even that amount. While the negotiation was still going on, there was a event going on at the stadium hosted by the president Barack Obama of USA and the company was so pleased to provide the facility with no cost since it was all set already. Also, to rent the venue was to cost 22 thousand dollars but it was discounted by 70% to 7 thousand dollars and which saved the rental fee. In addition, Coca Cola donated 30,000 bottles of coke and 3,000 bottles of water while Nestle donated coffee, bread, unga (ugali flour), rice and noodle while NYS (National Youth Service) supported with 10 buses with 500 students. They were happy to serve the participants with soda after every meal because in Kenya, it’s etiquette to serve soda (carbonated drink) or Kenya tea to visitors.



On July 30th (Thursday), Gracias choir and Pastor Park arrived Kenya. After morning program was over, there was a Bishop’s meeting at VIP room. Bishop Gitonga gave a brief greeting message and introduced Pastor Ock Soo Park. Pastor Ock Soo Park said Kenya will change. God’s heart will be delivered to each and every one to overcome sin and live by Jesus.




The afternoon programs were divided into academy, Christian Leaders Training and Bible seminar. Especially during the Christian leaders training, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached about Yohan Choi who was bitten by a scorpion and overcame by relying on God’s word (Isaiah 40:31) and we can as well overcome our difficulties when we believe in God’s word the way it is.


“Before I met Mahanaim, I was a religious Pastor. I heard the word of Pastor Ock Soo Park in 2007 and realized though I am a Pastor, I’m a sinner. I was a person who led people to hell. When I accepted God’s word, my heart changed and became righteous. From that time on, I started to attend Mahanaim College and learned the word of God. It was always my dream to change like this and preach the gospel.” (Edward Makori/Ministry of Consolation)


“My heart is humbled. I was a Pastor for 18 years and preached the gospel without having knowledge of it. It was really difficult for me for the past 18 years. I tried hard to be free from sin, wash my sin and give offering but it was meaningless. When I met Good News Mission Church in 2012, I realized my sins were washed away 2000 years ago and I was so happy that I joined NPBC (National Peace Bible Crusade). I am happy that I am graduating after 4 years.” (Esther Mwangi / The best choir, Gracias went on stage.




Hyemi Choi performed fun and cute song ‘Doll Song’ and Seoksung Hwan and Subin Park’s piano duet mesmerized the audience with its beautiful melody.




Especially, when Gracias Choir performed Kama mawimbi some participants came out to the stage and enjoyed by singing along with 3,500 participants who were gathered in Moi stadium.


Soon after, Pastor Ock Soo Park led the participants to the world of bible with the story of woman caught in the act of adultery from the book of John chapter 8. “Where are thine accusers? Has no one condemned thee?” “Even God could not condemn the woman. Because her sins were passed unto Jesus, nobody could condemn her. Likewise, a person called Kim Kisung’s sin could not be condemned. Today, Jesus is telling you the same thing he said to the woman. This word is not spoken to the adulterous woman only. He said to all people. Where are thine accusers? He is asking you the way He asked the woman. Answer to Jesus.” 3,500 participants who gathered at Moi Stadium expressed their heart with one voice “NO!” Pastor proved the word of how Jesus He carried all our sins and washed it away regardless of our thoughts just like how He saved the adulterous woman who had to die. Just like the word that was spoken during the camp, the story of adulterous woman becomes my own story and learn not to look at our own image but hear what Jesus is saying unto us and entrust our life unto Jesus.

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