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[Kiribati] MOU Signing of Ministry of Youth and Ministry of Education with IYF for the Future

On January 19th, the IYF is scheduled to sign an MOU with the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Education of Kiribati, the two departments responsible for the nation’s future.


Though it was early in the morning, Kiribati’s Youth Minister David Collins and Education Minister Alexander Teabo visited the hotel convention room where the MOU signing ceremony was about to take place. After the beautiful hymn of the Gracias Choir, there was a speech from Minister Collins and Minister Teabo about the meaning of this MOU with IYF.



Education Minister Teabo mentioned the rain that was falling since morning, ‘There was difficulty in water supply throughout the nation because of no rain despite being monsoon season, but it has begun raining as Pastor Ock Soo Park visited Kiribati and it seems like a blessing,’ expressing his open heart towards IYF. Moreover, he revealed his expectation of the IYF mind education to change the youths of Kiribati.

Youth Minister Collins also welcomed Pastor Ock Soo Park and IYF, and congratulated the mind lecture event held the previous day and enjoyed by many people. ​Especially, Minister Collins had been enthusiastic about the education method and project of IYF since before the MOU, and he had been together with the mind lectures and other events until now.


Pastor Ock Soo Park also spoke about plans to educate Kiribati youths to develop self-control and thinking ability, and he also invited the two ministers to the Ministers’ Forum scheduled to be held in Korea this year. Moreover, he promised to work wholeheartedly in changing the hearts of the youths of Kiribati and changing the future of the country, requesting the help of everyone. The ceremony ended shortly after the signing of the memorandum of understanding of each department and a commemorative photo.



Pastor Ock Soo Park and his company finished a short trip of 2 days and left the ‘world’s most beautiful’ island nation of Kiribati. However, they made 2,000 people of Kiribati happy with the MOU signing with the Police Department, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Youth and left a mark on their hearts with the IYF performances, mind lectures, etc. We are hopeful as we look for to the invisible seeds that will soon become abundant fruits.

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