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(Kisumu) “Is Everyone Happy?”

2014 Kisumu World Camp


World Camp happened at the Kisumu IYF centre from the 4th to the 7th of December.

During the preparation, time, people and materials were lacking, but as we lacked more and more we could feel the assistance of God more closely. Before the camp about fifty volunteers gathered to promote out in town or in universities. Others decorated the IYF centre in Kisumu and made the kitchen for the camp. Like this the brothers and sisters prepared for the camp with one heart.


The opening ceremony for the 2014 IYF Kisumu camp began with 300 participants and local brothers and sisters. The cultural performances of the Kenyan IYF dance tea, Kisumu IYF Taekwondo performance, Kisumu church choir and the solo of sister Haeyoung Kim opened the hearts of the participants and the open heart was filled with the joy and love of God.




After breakfast, the participants were considering which classes to join with an excited and expectant expression. Among the academies were languages, (Korean, Chinese, Thai, Spanish) dance, Taekwondo and GNC classes. Through the GNC (oversea volunteering) classes many people were able to learn that it was a program in which one can overcome all problems and communicate with the heart which raised the excitement for the program amongst those who wanted to join the program or were simply curious. Also in the Spanish and Thai academies it was not simply learning the language, but one also got the opportunity to cook each countries food and as they tasted it, it was a time for them to not simply learn but also enjoy in participating in such activities.



During each session in this World Camp in Kisumu they heard from the choir from Good News Chuncheon Church. The choir performed with one heart as they tried to open the hearts with their gestures and voices. When the brothers and sisters from the Chuncheon Church sang African songs the participants came up to the church and enjoyed together, and it was enough to open the hearts of the students. Although the colour of the skin was different as they enjoyed and danced together they all became one.



Guest speaker for the 2014 Kisumu World Camp, Pastor Sungsoo Sim (Good News Chuncheon Church) started off the mind lecture by saying “Are you always happy? After this camp you will become people that are always happy.

For one week he preached focussing on the two words spoken to the women caught in the act of adultery in John chapter 8.  “Neither do I condemn you.” (John 8:11) “I am the light of the world. He who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”

“Everyone, God who forgave our sins moved us to the world of light, which means that he made us to live always in happiness without pain and sorrow. Therefore the happiness, joy and light will be spread to everyone around you and all of Kisumu will be filled with happiness and joy and it will become bright.”



During the afternoon of the last day, there was the “Mind Lecture Presentation Contest” where one presented the things they learned through the mind lecture. Through this contest many participants came up to the stage and shared what they heard and realised in their hearts. Through such presentations it was a very blessed time where the participants were able to present their hearts to different participants and also communicate with their hearts.


As the guest speaker for the morning mind lecture pastor Seungbae Moon (Good News Hong Chun Church) preached in a series. As the participants listened to the word they realised how evil the hearts of humans are, and also about how one is most happy when they follow God’s heart instead of their own heart.


There was a special meeting in the Kisumu World Camp which was the ministers’ meeting. The ministers from normal churches listened to the word during the evening and morning session of the world camp, and in the afternoon there was the ministers’ forum. The ministers asked about the questions they had about the Bible and life and Pastor Sungsoo Shim resolved each and everyone of those questions through the Bible, and they were able to gain great strength and happiness in there hearts through the word.



“I am Sam who attended as a volunteers. As I attended the volunteer workshop I was able to precisely realise about what sin was. Before I considered stealing, adultery and hating people as sin and I tried not to sin, but I always failed. But as I heard the word which was preached during the workshop and camp, and especially the word in Jeremiah 2:13 I got to know precisely that throwing away God was sin. And as I realised how Jesus joined me again with God, I can boldly say in front of you that I am righteous. Therefore I am very happy now.” (Volunteer / Sam)


On the last day there was a surprise gift to the pastors, who came as guest speakers, as well as to the brothers and sisters who came from Korea. The gift was presented by Sister Anne and Elizabeth (sisters of the Kisumu Church). Although it was a little gift one was able to feel the thankful and grateful heart that they had towards Korean churches, guest speakers and the brother and sisters.

“While preparing for the world camp there were many difficulties. We did not have much time and in regards to sponsorship and promotion, all aspects did not work out as well as it did last year. But as I listened to the word of Pastor I realised, although we say we are preparing things for the camp that was not the true preparation and that the preparation of Jesus for us was the true preparation. Also as I heard the solo of sister Haeyoung Kim “Someone is praying for you.” I realised that Jesus was praying for us and that he was preparing in advance in front of us. Therefore I was able to have the heart that although we have such difficulties and weaknesses we can successfully end this camp. Although it is a small gift, it is the expression of gratitude I felt the deep love of the Korean churches when I visited.” (Kisumu / Elizabeth)

Sister Elizabeth of Kisumu Church (Right)

Even for the brothers and sisters from the Chunchon church who came with the guest speaker, it was a very happy trip to Africa. They did not come simply as guests, but rather they participated by volunteering in the kitchen, doing performances and preaching the word and also becoming little Gracias Choir to open widely the hearts of the participants. Also in the ministers’ forum the ministers opened their hearts and on Sunday they invited the Korean pastor to their own church, so Pastor Sungbae Moon and Deacon Jaeseung Han went to preach the word.



“This is my second time visiting Africa. The first time I came, I came simply as a guest, but as I participated in the activities throughout the camp I was able to become closer to the hearts of the people here. When I came the participants of the Kisumu Camp did not show a great deal of reaction in regards to the word. But as time passed I was able to see that ht hearts of the participants and pastor were flowing. One local pastor opened his heart as he attended the ministers’ forum and invited us to his local church. I attended and preached two times. When I preached about how salvation is not through action but rather through faith in believing in the word the pastor of the church was very happy and I saw that people were receiving salvation. I preached about 3 hours in total. At first I was worried about what to say, but later it was sad to see that we had so little time. When I saw people opening their hearts in front of the word and saw those people rejoicing I thought, “The reason why African missionaries can serve the Gospel in these conditions is because of this taste of the Gospel.’ God gave me the heart of wanting to live and preach the Gospel in Africa.” (Good News Chuncheon Church / Deacon Jaeseung Han)


After the crusade in Kenya’s Nyayo Stadium there is a great wave of the Gospel blowing in Kenya. Continually we are being invited to the normal churches and we are fighting against the wrong spiritual life of Kenya and the Gospel is being witnessed simultaneously all over Kenya. God is greatly loving Kenya and he is blessing it. We hope that many people who received salvation and discovered the love of God through this Kisumu Camp can grow to be workers who spread happiness and hope around Kenya.



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