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[Korea]11th Good News Corps Overseas Volunteers’ 1st Workshop (May 19, 2011)

The place filled with the passion of servicing! 11th Good News Corps Overseas Volunteers’ 1st Workshop held in Daedeok IYF Center. During 2-nights-3-day workshops from May 13th to 15th, over 700 applicants learned the spirit of IYF and Good News Corps together with senior members through a variety of programs. The first day, faces of 11th Good News Corps Overseas Volunteer applicants who just arrived at Daedeok IYF Center were filled with tensions as well as anticipation and excitement.

Lim Yeonheui, who went to Kenya during 6th Corps shared her experience with the subject of “Good News Corps was a gift to me”. “I didn’t study well, and don’t have a pretty face, actually I was just a student with nothing special, but IYF and Good News Corps Overseas Volunteer Program changed me and made it possible for me to join LG eventually. Because of English language and mind training that I learned here, the interviewer treated me as a totally extraordinary person compared to other candidates. IYF has changed my life indeed.” The experience sharing by Lim Yoenheui who learned a lot through IYF, strongly touched the hearts of the volunteers and planted hope for the future in their mind.

The harmonies brought by Gracias Choir during every session relieved tension of those students and soften their heart to make it possible for the seeds of Words to be well-planted in their hearts. Moreover, through traditional dance performances such as mahibe, kkalrinkka and also videos introducing each country, students expanded the width of their selection about target volunteering countries.

On the afternoon of the second day, there were lots of Mini World held in each corner of Daedeok IYF center. For those students who hadn’t decided which country to go, lots of programs are prepared such as World Cultural Experience Expo, Experience Sharing by Senior Members, Country Introduction, Cultural Performances, etc. Through these programs, students were able to learn more about new countries and felt their attractiveness.

‘Everybody, please start to share your heart with people around you. It’s really important. If you have someone to share your heart, it is not a problem at all if over thousand kinds, even ten thousand kinds of problems and troubles come to you. After 10 years, or 20 years, the pride of IYF will be world of hearts…Salmon found that in the heart of Rahab, there were beauty, sincerity, holiness, warmth that are not existing in other people’s heart… God created heart for us. When we accept God’s love, a thankful heart will flow from our heart and we become peaceful.’

Pastor Ock Soo Park recommended the students to receive mind training and practice to share hearts with people around them. In addition, pastor said that he wished that their hearts can be connected with God’s heart, accept God’s things and communicate with God.

11th Good News Corps Volunteer candidates, who will become heroes, had a first glimpse toward the world of hearts for the first time through the 1st workshop, and they also learned the methods to share hearts through programs such as Golden Bell, and class meetings. Through future trainings, they will be equipped with strong mind and heart from God, and become stars that brighten the whole world.

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