[Korea] “In the Name of Jesus”

First day of Pastor Ock Soo Park Bible Seminar in Daejeon

From the 16th of October, there was the 2016 Good News Mission Autumn Bible Seminar in Hanbat, under the title, “The Lamb of God Who Takes away the Sin of the world.” The brothers and sisters of the Daejeon region prepared for this Bible Seminar through witnessing on the buses, TV advertisements and kiosks.


The witnessing groups were divided into 3 groups according to different regions. The congregation of the Hanbat church went out with the heart that said, “Let us speak to at least the most people that we can.” Like this, they were able to have fellowship with the people who were interested in their souls’ salvation.


Especially, the 15 Pastors of the Daejeon and Choongchung region, stayed at the Hanbat church three days prior to the Bible Seminar to witness alongside the brothers and sisters. The Senior Pastor of Hanbat Church, Pastor Dong Seong Kim,  was following the Word that said, “Because of the work that God has shown during the preparation of the Bible Seminar, he will show that the main Bible Crusade will be so gracious.” Like this, the servants of God and the brothers and sisters were able to spend such a hopeful time.

“Because I have low stamina, I could not bear the witnessing at the kiosk, but as the leader of the group, I had no choice but to stand at the kiosk every single day for 3 to 4 hours for the past 3 weeks. I remembered the time when I could not help with the construction of the church because I was ill but still went out to the streets to hand out the leaflets to the people. By the strength that I had received from preaching the Gospel, I also began preaching the Gospel in the hospitals and when the opportunity came for me to witness with the church