[Korea] The Site of Rain Stopping Miracle — The World Culture Camp Opening Ceremony Held at Ha

2016 IYF World Culture Camp Opening Ceremony

The sky of Busan was dark and rainy. Due to the strong rainstorm that blew after the eve festival the day before, the tent that covered the stage tore, the frame structure of the stage was twisted, and the morning was busy with repair work. An hour before the event began, the thick clouds were above the beach and the sky was grey. ‘How will God work this year?’ One thing for sure, God will turn things to goodness and as believed, the rain really stopped. It was clear that God had worked. Before the event began, God showed his glory and ability, and filled the people with a heart of thankfulness.


“I was concerned when the rain poured down but as God worked two years in a situation where it was going to rain, I was confident that He would work wonderfully. Even this time, I believe he will work despite the rain and nothing will be a problem.” – Gwon Woo Park(58, Bucheon)


The International Youth Fellowship (also known as IYF, Founder Ock Soo Park, and Chairman Moon Taek Park) that held the IYF World Culture Camp (also known as World Camp) is the 19th camp being held under the slogan ‘The Ship of Change.’



At the Haeundae Beach in the evening of July 3rd, the opening ceremony that announced the beginning of the journey of the World Camp. The 5th World Camp opening ceremony to be held at Haeundae Beach in Busan became an annual event for the citizens of the city.  At the World Camp this year, 4,000 youths from over 50 countries, 30 ministers from 27 countries, and 60 university presidents from 23 countries attended. Together with the citizens of Busan, a total of about 50,000 people were present. The opening ceremony was broadcasted throughout the nation through popular broadcasting stations and other media.

“I saw the opening ceremony being broadcasted live on television. I was upset that I couldn’t go to the concert site but I was impressed by the opening ceremony that didn’t stop despite the rain and I kept on watching with the hopes that it would not rain.” – Sejeong Kwon (36, Seoul)



The performances began with the Righteous Stars. The nest stages were opened by the awarded teams of the 2016 World Cultural Dance Festival held in Jeonju. The grand prize winning China team showed their grand performance, followed by gold prize winning team of Cote d’Ivoire’s powerful dance.





After the opening performances, there was the opening address of IYF Chairman Moon Taek Park. Following were the congratulatory messages of the Busan Metropolitan Mayor Byeong Su Seo, and welcoming message of Busan Metropolitan Council Chairman Hae Dong Lee. In addition, the South Pacific Republic of Kiribati Vice-President Kourabi Nenem read out the personal letter sent from the President and Malawi Former First Lady Callista Mutharika (Current President’s Advisor) gave a congratulatory message.


The stage of the Gracias Choir and the world’s greatest artists began.



“I was watching the opening ceremony online with the brothers and sisters and it was enjoyable. Those who had gone to Korea remembered that time and was immersed into the opening ceremony while the brothers and sisters who hadn’t gone to Korea was surprised by the spectacle and are hoping to attend next year.” – Yeon Hui Jeong(35, India)