[LA] 2011 Irvine World Camp Opening Ceremony in LA, United States (August 24, 2011)

On August 21st, the 2nd World Camp in west coast USA has successfully launched, receiving fervent cheers from over 1,200 participants. This camp took place in Irvine Hyatt Regency Hotel, inviting over 700 new students and 20 guests from various fields of expertise such as politics, education, media, and foodservice.

As the first performance of the opening ceremony, a team members from Riverside University presented a Japanese drum dance called “Senryu Taiko.” Their passionate commitment to dancing and drumming seemed to signal the smooth opening of the world camp.

Following the Righteous Stars’ team performance, the participants watched a video clip introducing the main program of IYF, Good News Corps. Students who’d come to learn leadership were greatly inspired to learn about Kathleen Stephens who became a diplomat to Korea through overseas volunteer experience and about GNC member Soyoung Park’s volunteer service in South Africa.