[LA] 2011 IYF World Camp in Irvine, the 2nd Day News (September 01, 2011)

Leadership symposium On the second day of the World Camp, the students gathered at the Grand Ballroom by 6am. Students were able to forget about their sleepiness and wake up to the sweet melodies of the Gracias Choir. Students listened carefully as he read from2 Samuel, chapter 9, in which King David poured grace upon Mephibosheth not because he was a great person or because he did something well, but because of the promise David had made to Jonathan. However, Mephibosheth thought David was going to judge him because he was lame on his feet and because his father was the enemy of King David. In the same way, God’s grace does not depend on our abilities. Though we are lacking and fall short, God only looks upon Jesus who gave his life and took away all of our sins and only because of this we are able to receive mercy and grace.

IYF Academy Today was the first day of Academy and all of the students were very excited to choose their Academy classes.Every student had a class in mind already so they quickly filled up the most popular classes, which were: Sushi, Taekwondo, and Capoeira.The Sushi Academy had a very fun atmosphere as the students learned how to make beautiful and colorful designs with their sushi, taking pictures with their creations, and of course, eating it afterwards. In the Bible Theology and Healthy Eating academies, the students had a lot of interest and asked many questions regarding the subjects discussed. Up on the second floor, the ladies gather together for a demonstration on cleansing and applying makeup at the beauty academy. Others with the taste for survival join the CPR academy for the techniques on saving someone’s life. Because IYF was established in Korea, the Korean Culture academy is best way for students to learn more about the traditional games and the proper way of bowing.Walking through the Regency Hotel, one could feel how excited each student was to be learning something new and most were already thinking about which classes they were going to choose for the next couple of days.

Special Guest Lecture Today we had our first Special Guest Lecture featuring Professor of Law at the University of San Diego, Mr. Jordan M. Barry. The topic of his lecture was “How to be Successful Even When You Don’t Know What You Want”. Because many of the students are at that stage of deciding their next step in life, they were very interested in the topic and took notes throughout the lecture. Professor Barry explained to the students that a person who is successful is actually the person who has failed many times in the past and has gained experience through their mistakes.He gave the example of famous people such as Ellen DeGeneres, Billy Joel, Mark Twain, and John D. Rockefeller, who didn’t end up becoming what they thought they were going to be at first. He went on to say that even though people may have a set mindset about their future, it is good to be flexible and keep their options open because they never know what opportunity might arise.A person with an open mind towards change and an open heart towards others is the one most likely to become a successful leader of the future.Professor Barry’s engaging message inspired many students to open their hearts to others and the students were very happy as they gained hope in their hearts.

Performance and Bible Lecture Right after the academies, the students met up at the Grand Pavilion for relaxing performances and the bible lecture. Today’s performances came with a twist. The Lincoln High School students from Korea treated us to the traditional South American dance called “El Sol” and the Gracias Choir thrilled the audience with a musical performance of Disney’s classic “The Lion King” with a song called HakunaMatata. Their smiles and energy not only lit up the room but also the hearts of the students. Pastor OckSoo Park preached the gospel and once more talked about the world of the heart