[LA] 2011 IYF World Camp in Irvine, the 3rd Day News (September 01, 2011)

After listening to the message the students were able to open their hearts towards God and for the first time start to see God’s heart towards them. Today was the second day of the IYF Academy and the students were eager to try new classes. As they tried out the new classes, they gained knowledge of things they never thought of trying out before. This time the participants of each class opened up a lot and asked many questions to the teachers and made the classes very productive and engaging. Many students also returned to their previous classes to learn more about the arts of CPR, beauty, and Korean culture. As the time during the academy passed on, students became more interested and participated with a full and open heart. Not only did they sing and dance as they did in the Korean culture academy, but they also volunteered for demonstrations, willing and eager to learn more. Puja Patel, 23 year old student of Deanza Community College, attended the Journalism academy lead by Jackline Cacho. Listening to her story I realized it wasn’t the success or fame that was important, but after meeting God and receiving salvation became the greatest thing in her life.

Today’s Special Guest Lecturer was Mr. Paul Kim, who is the Assistant Dean for Stanford University School of Education. In his message to the students, he encouraged them to challenge themselves. This matched well with the motto of the IYF, which is Challenge, Change, and Cohesion. Mr. Kim also talked about the challenges that he had to overcome as a new comer to this country. He shared a story about taking a class in which he thought he couldn’t do an assignment so he told his professor that he couldn’t write well in English. After he shared this with his professor, h