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[LA] First IYF 5K Marathon “RUN & FUN” Successfully in Western North America (July

Pleasant sports feast “RUN & FUN” held by International Youth Fellowship (IYF) ended on July 16. 300 participants gathered at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley from 8:00 AM and finished the 1-hour course without much difficulties, breathing clean air from nature far away from the city and refreshing the spirit as well as body by leaving day-to-day life far behind.

Especially, this event was featured with 1K run for children, and World Cultural Expo “Culture”, and it became a great opportunity to introduce IYF to families, residents and youths in LA and Fountain Valley. More than a simple event, with God’s grace, the successfully held event also enabled us to meet new people and share our hearts through the word from Bible, and promote the biggest festival of IYF, “World Camp”.

77 youth volunteers supporting ‘Run & Fun’ event participated in the preparation works with smile on their faces from D-1 evening and to early morning of the day of the event. Volunteer Grace Choi (20, UC Berkeley) said, “I felt happy and rewarding which I have never felt before by working together toward the same goal and pouring our hearts together.”

After the marathon event, from 10:00AM, crowds of people visited World Cultural Expo “Culture” equipped with over 70 booths and watched cultural performances. Traditional food tasting and games were held in continent booths of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Visitors also experienced each country’s culture vividly with guidance of volunteers.

In addition, business booths such as “Haritos”(soft drink company), “Unhwa Biotech”, “Eden cars”, held big promotional events and entertained thousands of visitors. Mayor of Fountain Valley City, Mr. Steve Nagel, participated in the event as a VIP and expressed his appreciation to the IYF for holding such a healthy and developmental event.

We saw with our own eyes how an event seemed difficult and challenging based on circumstances went well with grace regardless of our own limits or thoughts. Everyone who helped in the event were sad to finish the last part of the event but felt deeply in their heart that the work of gospel is truly the most fun and happy thing in the world.

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