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[Lesotho] ‘Eternal Redemption for us’

Lesotho is an alpine country completely surrounded by the Republic of South Africa



80% of its total area (30355㎢) is covered by mountain ranges of heights reaching over 1800m above sea level. The Kingdom of Lesotho is often known as the Tibet of Africa or the Kingdom of Sky. Only 11% of land is available for cultivation.

Last May, the Minister of Youth of Lesotho, Mahali Phamotse, who participated in the ‘World Education Forum’ held in Song-do (Republic of Korea) became connected with the IYF and through her attendance of the World Camp in Korea in July, she was able to hear the Gospel and become very close with the IYF. That was the reason behind the event held in Lesotho.

However, as difficulties began to occur while trying to receive the budget from the government that was needed to hold the event, realistically, the event became impossible and out of reach. Despite this, with the same heart of the four friends who did not give up and found a way to take their paralytic friend to Jesus, they had begun to prepare for the event only one week before the official start of the event.



September 12th (Sat) morning, Pastor Ock Soo Park and company took the plane from Johannesburg, South Africa towards Lesotho. At the airport of Lesotho, the Gracias Choir had prepared a special concert for the people of Gideon. They were able to have a conversation with Pastor Ock Soo Park and hear the gospel from him, who had prepared for them a special concert.



Instantly, the airport became a concert hall and all the people who had arrived together were touched and thrilled by hearing the music of the Choir.



At 2pm, the Christian Leaders’ Forum was held in the Convention Centre of the Lesotho Sun Hotel. The forum was held among 70 pastors, including Lesotho’s Christian Union President Pastor Monese and Vice-President Pastor Ishmael.



Although the preparation time for the event was very short, they were able to meet a church that opened their hearts towards them and helped them to be connected to the Union President and many other Pastors.




While watching the Gracias Choir’s performance, which contained beautiful melodies and power, the Pastors were exhilarated. The Soprano Duet of Jin Young Park and Hye Mi Choi, the violin solo of Ram Yi Lee, the piano solo of Soo Bin Park and the trio of Jin Young Park, Hye Mi Choi and Tae Jik Woo brought joy to all of the pastors who had participated and they expressed their delight.





Especially, during the songs such as Siyakudumiso and Wa Hambanathi, which were sung in the native language, the participants did not remain seated but began to move their bodies to the music, often shouting ‘Encore!’ or ‘One More!’.



Moving on, Pastor Ock Soo Park led the pastors into the world of the Word.

He preached, “Just like how the Word ‘Let there be light’ could also mean ‘The darkness was cast out’, if the Word of God enters into our hearts, the darkness is cast out naturally without us having to struggle. Because the Word is the light, when light enters, naturally the darkness cannot exist.”


Also, through Hebrews 9:11-12, he spoke about the Eternal Redemption.

We have sinned. However, it was emphasized that it was only the blood of Jesus that had given us the Eternal Redemption.

‘Eternal Redemption for us’

‘Eternal Redemption for you’

‘Eternal Redemption for me’

The pastor preached that our sins, your sins and his sins were all redeemed.

“The sermon of Pastor Ock Soo Park was very powerful. Especially I was able to learn about the new meaning of salvation that is of Eternal Redemption. There was actually a way for us to solve the problem of sin in our hearts through the Word of God.”

(P. Ishmael/Lesotho Christian Union Vice President)


“The special thing was about sin. The bible talks about the righteousness of God. In Galatians 2:20 it is written, ‘I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.’ Now, I understand what it means. I have always said that I was a sinner. However, today I received freedom from sin.”

(Beneiot Mokhatla/ The Word Ministry Int.)

After the event, the pastors began to speak with one another, over light refreshments, about the Eternal Redemption and said that all of their sins have been solved. Moreover, requests from 23 churches came through asking if Pastor Park Ock Soo could preach at their respective churches during the morning sermon on Sunday.

Lesotho was a country that was unfamiliar to us until lately; however, God had prepared many people who were hungry to listen to the Word. Although this was a very short occasion, when we think of God who works in Lesotho, we are very thankful and hopeful for what is to come.

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