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[Lesotho] Lesotho’s Maseru Church Establishment Service by God

On the 13th of September, Sunday, there was an establishment commemoration service of the Maseru Church in Lesotho.



Work in Lesotho actually started with expectations from the government. However, as arrangements from the government were not pushed ahead properly, the need for Good News Mission Lesotho Church and NGO registration was realized. Registration was applied for while waiting on the reply from the government but unexpectedly, registration was completed in three days.


Moreover, a missionary visa was applied for while waiting on the religion registration but a 6 month visa was received first. Lesotho’s standard visa lasts only a month and must be renewed every month but God’s work was experienced.

God was strongly helping Lesotho church that was lacking in every aspect such as when the missionary escaped from an armed robber in front of his house, purchasing church vehicle at a very low price, church and NGO registration completed in 3 days, a 6 month visa received by the missionary, the Christian Leader’s Forum successfully held through connection with the Christian Union President, etc.


The Church Establishment Service began with Missionary Hee Yong Jeon as host.

Following a congratulatory prayer by Missionary Wook Yong Kim, a testimony was given by Missionary In Gi Hong who was dispatched to Lesotho.


He testified saying, “I didn’t like India at first but as I adapted to the surroundings I started to like it very much and cried for a day and a half because I was very sad that I had to leave. In fact, India was never a country that I had thought of but as I lived there, God helped me in every aspect that it became a country more likeable and comfortable than Korea. Lesotho was neither a country I had thought of but I believe God will lead everything to be good.

I was told that a single person sent from our mission saves a whole nation and when I read in the bible, one person, Jonah was sent by God to save the 120,000 people of Nineveh. I was thankful to God for using me to save Lesotho. As I prepared the event here in Lesotho, I was thankful to be able to work with the surrounding pastors and I’m very happy to be where God leads me. Lastly, I’m not a refined person but I’m grateful to the church for having made me into a human-like person.”





Then there was a stage by Gracias Choir’s Violin Solo (Ram Yi Lee), Piano Solo (Su Bin Park), and Trio (Tae Jik Woo, Jin Young Park, and Hye Mi Choi). Each song received thunderous applause from the audience in response.


Afterwards, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the words for Lesotho Church Establishment Service.

“We are living the world of God right now. The reason why we were able to receive religion registration in Lesotho, purchase a vehicle at a very low cost, receive a 6 month visa, and hold a wondrous event without the help of government is because it is the world of God.  It is a wondrous world that we have never experienced before.


What happened to the man with infirmity for 38 years has happened to us. Starting with the conference held in 1986 at the Busan Mugunghwa Hall, the door to conferences and book publishing opened up. It is so blessed and wonderful that God has worked wondrous works more than ever in the year 2015. He has appointed Brother In Gi Hong to be in Lesotho. We are nothing but outer shell and God lives and works inside us.”


The world we live in is God’s world.

Such stories as the man with infirmity for 38 years that stood up and walked, the blind that opened his eyes, and the lame that stood up do not only happen in the bible but also in Lesotho as we live inside the world of God. We are hopeful of what works God has planned through worthless people as loaves of barley.

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