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[Lesotho] The Day the Gospel was Preached to 1500 People in 12 Churches

The Sunday morning (Sept 13), was the day that the gospel of God was preached to 1500 people of 12 churches in Lesotho.

Through the pastors that had participated in the Christian Leaders’ Meeting, the day before, requests came in from 23 churches asking to preach in their Sunday Morning Service. Although we wanted to send Pastors to every church to preach the Gospel, there were not enough people, so we split up into 12 selected churches.



The 12 churches were: Full Gospel, Agape, El-Shaddai, Regal, Word, Grace Chapel, Rivers, Great Joy, Love Centre, Abide in Christ, Holy Harvest Bible Church Falatsa, and Word of Life Centre.



Pastor Ock Soo Park and company arrived in the capital city of Lesotho, which is Maseru at 10.30am to preach the gospel in the Word of Life Centre Church. Firstly, the events of this church were carried out, and then the performance of the Gracias Choir began at 11.30.





The piano solo by pianist Soo Bin Park and Soprano Jin Young Park was enough to excite and delight the people. Some of the very touched audience even gave offering.


On this day, Pastor Ock Soo Park led the congregation of the church to the world of the Word.

“I am a Pastor. I learnt about the world of the heart from the Bible. The Bible says, ‘Arise, take up your bed and walk’. When the man with the infirmity for 38 years heard this, at first, he would have thought that it was non-sense. “My legs are dried up!’, ‘I have never walked for over 38 years!’; such sounds that reflect upon his circumstance would have arisen in him. Although his legs were dried up, although he had not walked for a long time, although the circumstances may seem impossible, this is what Jesus said.



‘Whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them’. Just like this Word in Mark 11:24, although the body is diseased, the Bible is saying that it is healed. If I pray to God for the healing of my stomach and I believe that it is healed, then I am healed. Believing that I am healed, I went to the buffet and ate 5 plates of food. Afterwards, my stomach hurt so I went to the bathroom and had diarrhea. ‘I said I am healed but why am I having diarrhea? Am I actually healed?’ Although the circumstances showed that I was still in pain, the Word in the Bible shows that I am healed.

Would I believe in the Word or my own thoughts? Eventually we are left with those two choices. I continually believed the Word and I ate. Although I went to the bathroom again, after one day, I could see that my body was all healed and was back to normal.


Also, despite my own thoughts, the Bible says that my sins are cleansed. Although I commit sin and I remember them, the Word shows that I have no sin and, in fact, it is proving that I am holy. When I reflect upon myself, it seems like I have sin but saying that there is no sin because the Bible says so, is faith.


Just like the story of CEO Ju Young Jung who said, ‘You are an Executive Manager if I say that you are an Executive Manager’, I hope that you can have the faith that you are righteous. Because God has said so. I hope that you will not follow your own thoughts and think that you are sinners but believe in the Word that proves that you are indeed righteous.”


“I cannot wash my own sins. God, through Jesus, washed away my sins and told me that I am holy and righteous. When I take the Word of God that says that I am holy and righteous, I believe in it and I live according what I believe. That is what I realized while listening to the sermon this afternoon.” (Kekeso Moteseki/ Pastor)


“I was so thankful from listening to the Word of Pastor Park. It was refreshing and I now know that we live by the forgiveness of sin and righteousness that has been given to us by God. This is not anyone else’s but the Word of God. The Word is talking about our hearts. Especially, when we need faith, it is not that we follow our own thoughts but we must stand on the Word. The sermon today was fundamental but very essential and it was a blessed time to hear the Word of the Pastor who is stood on the Word. I hope that God will bless the IYF, the non-profit organization, working for the youth of Lesotho and I pray for Good News Mission Lesotho church to continue to grow and spread the Gospel to the far corners of this country.” (Dubeh/Senior Pastor)


“I just returned from the Love Center Church in the outskirts of Maseru after having Sunday Service there. I preached the Word in the typical African church which had a congregation of about 50 people. I preached about Isaiah 53:6 and although we hear about this Word a lot in our mission, to those who had heard it for the first time it was a source of continuing shouts of ‘Amen’ and enjoyment. The Pastor who is ministering in this church heard about the eternal redemption yesterday at the Christian Leader’s meeting and wants to have continuous communication and exchanges.” (Missionary Dae Gon Mo)



“I went to the Grace Church and preached about the 5 wise virgins and everyone opened their hearts and listened to the Word. Afterwards the Senior Pastor of that church came out to speak about the sermon heard from Pastor Park, yesterday. They continually want to hear the Word.”

On this day, 400 people who had attended Word of Life Centre Church had heard the Gospel. To 1500 people of 12 churches, the Gospel was preached precisely. On the first day of Lesotho, the Gospel was preached to 70 Pastors and in the second day it was preached to 1500 people. When we think of the people who are moved and touched by Gospel and imagine how happy they must be, we cannot help but remain hopeful.

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