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[Lesotho] The Dream of Lesotho

Mind education workshop held at Limkokwing University and National University of Lesotho I.E.M.S.

Although the Good News Mission Lesotho Church had been established less than a year ago, a mind education workshop for the professors and students of Limkokwing University and National University of Lesotho I.E.M.S was held on the 6th and 7th of this month in the land of gospel of Lesotho where the wave of mind education is arising.


On the 6th, 10 professors and 120 students (total 130) of Limkokwing University attended. On the 7th, 12 professors and 20 students recommended by professors from the National University of Lesotho I.E.M.S participated. The workshop began with the bright Righteous Stars’ dances of the 1st class Lesotho Good News Corps volunteers. After watching the promotional video of IYF and mind education, a total of 2 mind lectures took place.



Missionary In Gi Hong spoke about the difference in the worlds seen by a person with a strong mind and a weak mind and, he said a person with a strong mind that can change weakness into strength will become the true leader of this era.




Also, the first mind lectures by the two Good News Corps volunteers from Korea were given. The professors and students listened and responded sincerely to the lecture that was on the subject of 2nd dimensional thought and communication. The students were also happy as they experienced the joy of cooperation through the mind recreation.





The dean of student welfare of Limkokwing University said that this mind lecture is what is the education needed in this era and expressed great thanks for having held such event in the university.


In the book of Mark 16, Jesus knew that the disciples had no faith and that they were lacking than anyone else, but he said to the disciples, “And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” and, through these disciples, great works of the gospel took place. Likewise, when we accept the faith of Jesus irrespective of our faith, we can have true faith and become the tools of God. This workshop was an opportunity to inform the students and professors of Lesotho about the IYF and the mind education.

Lesotho has great dreams of establishing a mind specialist school in the future to nurture true specialist mind lecturers who will lead this era. We are thankful to God for using us, who are lacking, as tools. Also, we are very hopeful when we think about God who will work strongly in Lesotho not by our faith but Jesus’, and we look forward to the bright future of the students in this country.

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