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[Los Angeles, USA] Mexicali English Camp News May 07, 2012

From the 28th to 29th of April, the 3rd IYF ENGLISH CAMP was held at UABC (Universidad Autonoma de Baja California).

This camp was different from the previous English Camp last month; the majority of participants were university students and so it enabled us to prepare quality English lectures and exchange our hearts sincerely.

The first day of the camp began with an orientation and soon afterwards lessons were held in each class as participants got to know each other. In the afternoon, the two biggest programs, the Mini Olympic and Academy took place.

The Mini Olympic consisted of five programs and was carried out for two hours under extreme heat; however the students participated in each game passionately. The Academy that followed provided an interesting time where students were provided an opportunity to learn and choose from sushi, CPR(cardiopulmonary resuscitation), Tae Kwon Do, yoga, dance and Korean classes.

In the evening during the Mind Lecture, Pastor Eddy preached about the importance of possessing a challenging mindset that does not follow an existing flow, but seeks new ways.

On the second day, 26 teams participated in “Mexicali Idol” and uplifted the mood as they prepared their various songs.

We all felt the students using their whole hearts and truly enjoying themselves as they, albeit a short time, matched not only their voices and motions, but also their hearts

Carlose Roberto Ayanda who was awarded first place in “Mexicali Idol” said that he was so joyful to have the opportunity to learn English and meet a variety of people as he attended the camp.

The Scavenger Hunt in the afternoon assigned ten regions. As students solved problems in teams, they were able to learn the challenging mindset and cohesion of the IYF. Through the Scavenger Hunt, students gained interest in English and it became an opportunity for them to overcome their burden of English.

I’m so pleased to have attended this English Camp, and had a meaningful time while having the same heart as my classmates during the Scavenger Hunt.” (UABC Student President Lenin Flores (20))

The camp was for a short period of time and was held in a rough area; however the students were able to overcome their burden of English and had time to share their hearts with others. In addition, through the camp many Mexicali students became interested in the IYF and said that they wish to attend the upcoming World Camp. Although there were many difficulties, the English Camp ended beautifully because of God. The director and many of the volunteers expressed their gratitude and obtained hope for the next English Camp.

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