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[Macedonia] Christmas Musical Heads Over to Macedonia

On November 28th, the 4th Christmas Musical opened in Stip, Macedonia, a small city of 60,000 population. There is no mission branch office in Macedonia, but we had a Korea Camp in September after the east Europe mission trip in spring. After the Korea camp, two short-term missionaries remained in Stip for the musical. There were difficulties, as they did not speak Macedonian and there was no church there, but God allowed a few supporters. The students that attended the Korea camp helped prepare the musical as volunteers. They translated promotion materials and even helped out in city promotion activities. The flyers were handed out every corner of the city and there were inquiries about the tickets even after they were all sold out. Even though they started from zero, it was grateful to see that God filled abundantly with his grace. It is hopeful to see that the eastern Europe will be filled with Gospel.

On the day of the performance, there was an educational leaders’ forum where they had a chance to give a mind lecture. And finally, the 4th Christmas miracle began. The venue of the performance was the House of culture(Dom na kultura) that could accommodate 650 seats. Many citizens of Stip came and the seats were all filled.






The 1st act opened and there were cheers and applauses after each performance. Moreover, through the Christmas musical ‘Anna Story’, the citizens of Stip could once again feel the warmth and preciousness of the family which they have forgotten because they were so used to it. As they watched the performance, the faces of the audience brightly lit up with the happiness.





Pastor Oh Young Do preached the Gospel to the citizens who attended the Christmas musical. Many citizens who heard the gospel realized that our sins have been washed away.



Even after the performance, the people stayed along to enjoy the excitement. It is hopeful for Macedonia for there will be works of gospel. The musical was prepared with the promise that there will be roads in the wilderness. Many people were connected through the Christmas musical Europe tour and the night left unforgettable memories for the people of Stip.



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