Mahanaim Cyber Theology School, the 1st Commencement – Ordained as a Worker of Gospel (February 29,

Mahanaim Cyber Theology School, the 1st Commencement. The first commencement ceremony with the 368 graduates in Korea, and 1000 Americans, Spanish, and Chinese.

Ordained as a Worker of the Gospel

Around 10 o’clock, people started to arrive one after another from all over the country to attend the 1st commencement ceremony of Mahanaim Cyber Theology School. Some ladies came early in place of their husbands who would be late due to their work, waiting with their husbands’ cap and gown – when the husbands arrived, the wives put the cap and gown on their husbands with much thanks. Also some parents, though they do not attend our church, came with grand children to celebrate and congratulate their son’s graduation from the theology school.

For the 1st commencement ceremony, 368 graduates from Korea and total of 1000 American, Spanish, and Chinese graduates celebrated together all around the world via internet.

The Mahanaim Cyber Theology School was founded 2 years ago for those who were willing to learn about bible and faith in greater details to work for the gospel but could not receive the training to become a minister because of their work. Since then, the graduates listened to the online lectures every day. There were some difficulties with their work and other business, yet empowered by the words, they could finish the 4 quarters.

There was also Award Ceremony in acknowledgment of the distinguished accomplishment through the 2-year courses. As a valedictorian, Elder Hwang Hyo Jung, a salutatorian, Brother Ahn Da Moon, and 10 others were awarded for their excellent grade. Elder Yoon Cheol Won and Co-Pastor Yoon Hyung Sun received the special award.

Satan tries to obscure the gospel with various schemes, but God, not only He protects the gospel through the Mahanaim Theology School, but also establishes the clear gospel in more countries. When lookin