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[Malawi] The Heat of the Mind Lecture in Malawi!

From the 9th to the 14th of November, there was a mind lecture at the second city of Malawi, Blantyre. As Malawi’s second city, Blantyre is a metropolitan city where administration, education, and companies are concentrated. With more prestigious universities and companies than the capital, Lilongwe, it is a very important strong point city for promoting the mind education.



“[F]or you have a little strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name.” The Lilongwe Church is currently constructing the chapel. Although they are busy with the 1st floor foundation work preparation and brickwork, God showed the Words in Revelation 3:8. Despite the lacking circumstances in time and money, He has given the heart to travels regional churches here and there to preach to gospel. Remembering the Words of the servant of God to gain all of Malawi within the next 10 years, we stepped forward to other regions in Malawi beside Lilongwe believing that God will open up the way. Despite the busy schedule in construction work, we planned a regional witness trip split up in two regions.


While planning the schedule at the Blantyre Church, three schools were unexpectedly scheduled for mind lecture. At first, the University of Malawi Polytechnic was not enthusiastic about the mind lecture and demanded charges for renting the classrooms. But after understanding the purpose and role of the mind lecture, the attitude of the Dean of Students changed, was considerate of our schedule, and helped to give lectures despite the exam period without venue rental fee.



The students attended the mind lecture lightly without a clue about what it was but as the lecture continued, they started to concentrate and listen attentively. After the lecture was over, they opened their hearts and expressed their interest in the lecturer and the IYF. The students expressed that they had heard something new they had never heard of before in their 20 years of life, felt the need for the mind lecture, and were willing to learn it.

“Until now, I lived a life expressing and believing only what I know and feel. As I listened to the mind lecture, I realized how important it is to recognize that I could also be wrong and I learned how important listening attentively to what other people say is in my life.” (Julio Kahlua, Malawi College of Health Science)



“The value of an unprocessed diamond is worth less than a dollar. But when rough diamond is melted or iron extracted and made into ironwork, its value is increased tens, hundreds, thousands times. Likewise, it is when we change the structure of our minds that the value of life increases.” (During the mind lecture)

As the mind lecture date was adjusted little by little, the bible conference for the Blantyre Church was able to be held in a hurry. Evangelizing time was short but about 30 news people came to listen to the gospel. While listening to how sins have been washed and the Words being testified, it was a time for the participants to turn towards true faith from the wrong one they have had until now by only serving God with their diligence without knowing the true gospel.



Through the mind lecture throughout a week we were thankful to God for opening the way for 250 students to learn about the world of the mind and the gospel and for leading Blantyre Church in new ways. Next week, mind lecture and bible seminar will continue in the city of Mzuzu in Northern Malawi. We ask that you pray for Malawi.

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