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[Malawi] ‘The Solution to Youth Problems, Starts Now in Malawi’

On the 12th of March, 4.30pm, Pastor Ock Soo Park and the Gracias Choir arrived in Malawi. Executive transportation was waiting for Pastor Ock Soo Park at the airport. Following a short meeting with the Deputy Minister of Education and the Youth Advisor in the VIP room at the airport, they headed to the Bingu International Conference Center (hereafter, BICC).



The BICC, which was renovated last May, is located at the centre of Lilongwe and has become the symbol of Malawi. It also the venue that holds the most esteemed events, while also being next to the Government House and the Parliament.



After having arrived at the venue, Pastor Ock Soo Park met the Minister of Education (Hon. Emmanuel Fabiano), the Deputy Minister of Education (Hon. Vincent Ghambi), the former First Lady (Calista Mutharika) in the VIP room of the BICC, discussing the importance of the ‘Mind Lecture’, before entering the hall for the main event.


The ‘Mind Lecture’ and Musical began at the BICC Auditorium with an audience of 1,000 people that consisted of students, police officers, and many Bishops.


Firstly, there was the congratulatory message from the Minister of Education.

The Minister of Education, Hon. Emmanuel Fabiano said, “For the development of Malawi, we need the Mind Education more than anything else. I am so happy to have invited Pastor Ock Soo Park during these few short days for this special ‘Mind Lecture’ and I am so excited to hear it. I believe that this event will not only develop the youth of Malawi but also change Malawi blessedly.”




Next, there was a performance from the Gracias Choir.

Following the duet of Soprano Hye Mi Choi and Jin Young Park with Julio, the performance of Violinist Ra Mi Lee led the audience with peaceful music.








Next up was a trio (Hye Mi Choi, Jin Young Park and Julio).

When they sang local songs, Jambo and Uthenga, all the audience stood up from their seats to enjoy the music as one.




Now it was time for the ‘Mind Lecture’.

Pastor Ock Soo Park began to speak to the participants about the world of the heart.

“When the body is ill, many people know to research the source of that illness and try to make a vaccine to cure the body, but people do not know very well about how to cure a diseased heart. The students in Malawi are very pure. It is not that the students of Malawi are special but it is because the economy has not developed much yet and therefore your desires are just as small. Many countries face youth problems because they cannot control their desires while living in a rapidly developing economy.





In the same way that we have to tame a wild horse in order to use it, if we control and manage our hearts from a young age we will be able to become those who can change this world soundly. A person’s heart is like a field which becomes useless if you do not take care of it, because of the weeds that will grow out of it. However, if a good tiller of the ground looks after it well, you will be able to reap what you sow. For example, happiness will give you happiness, hope will give you hope and love will give you love. I hope that the youth of Malawi lead a life in which they fall asleep in hope and awake in happiness”.



After the event, the participating VIP moved to the reception venue.

They had time to speak to one another and get closer to one another during a meal. Pastor Ock Soo Park said this to local media, “Most schools teach knowledge but they do not teach about the heart. There are numberless youth problems. However, most of them are being ignored. Now, the IYF will be doing that work. We have been doing this in many countries and now we will start in Malawi. Thank you.”



The youth of Malawi are learning the deep world of the heart, taught by the IYF.

In the same way that people who know about the world of the heart from a young age will be able to tame their hearts much more easily, we believe that, if the youth of Malawi learn about the world of the heart now when they do not have great desires and can lead a life of using their hearts, they will be able to change Malawi for the better and shine a light upon Africa.

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