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(Malawi) “There is no church in Malawi which preaches the Gospel of God!”

Changed hearts through the mind lecture and musical concerts.


Good News Lilongwe Church welcoming and chapel opening ceremony.



13th of March (Sunday) six in the early morning, the retreat at the Good News Lilongwe Church started. Pastor Ock Soo Park arrived to preach the gospel to the brothers and sisters who attended the retreat.



In order to celebrate the arrival of Pastor Park the church prepared African Acapellas and a bright smile. We were able to see the pure and innocent hearts of the brothers and sisters of Malawi as they grabbed the hands of pastor and rejoiced so greatly.



With over 200 congregation members participating in the retreat the early morning service started. The early morning ensemble of the Gracias Choir was peaceful and it calmed the hearts of the participants.




Afterwards, the sermon followed. Pastor Park who stepped onto the podium began speaking about the woman caught in the act of Adultery in John chapter 8. Through the story he explained about the faith in accepting Jesus’ righteousness as my own righteousness.

“What did Jesus say to the woman caught in the act of adultery?

‘Neither do I condemn you..’ Jesus also said that that he does not condemn her.

If we see in Romans chapter 3 verse 23-24 all of us have sinned and we were people who could not help but go to hell, however through the priceless grace of God he tells us we are righteous. If Jesus hadn’t come to this world then the woman caught in the act of adultery would have died, and we would have also fallem amongst destruction and curse and ended up in hell. But God changed our lives.



Satan says no! You are a sinner. You are so fleshly! He deceives us in this way. Jesus on the other hand tells us you are righteous, you are clean! I have washed all of it away. That is what he is telling us.

Will you believe in your thoughts? Or will you believe in the word of Jesus which is written in the Bible. It is the word! Hallelujah! We praise God! I want to say one last thing.

Everyone please shout ‘I am also righteous!’”




Afterwards, there was the breaking ground ceremony in front of the site where the chapel will be built.

This chapel and site will become a space where many youth of Malawi will play, learn and have fellowship with each other.




Each and every brother and sister shoveled once as they participated in the joy.

Gospel which was preached at education leaders’s forum, minister’s forum and VIPs




For the 12th and 13th of March in Malawi there were many programs planned.

Retreat was happening in the Good News Lilongwe Church, and in the main event auditorium, Bingu International Conference Center (BICC), there was mind lectures in the mornings and the evenings as well as the musical concerts. From 1pm there was the education leaders’s forum, minister’s forum in various halls within BICC.



The education leader’s forum consisted of 40 different educational leaders and the guest speaker was Pastor Youngju Park. 40 of the education leaders also applied for the IYF mind lecture training as well.



At the same time in a different venue there was the minister’s forum with 20 bishops where Pastor Kim Wookyong preached as the guest speaker. Minister’s were also amazed at the word and the gospel and they showed interest in the up coming programs.



Also, at the same time, back at the accommodation hall Pastor Ock Soo Park had a meal with VIPs(Deputy minister’s couple, their nephew, congressmen). After they finished having the meal at the garden of the accommodation, in the natural atmosphere Pastor Park preached the gospel to the VIPs.



Pastor Park preached the gospel using the story of CEO Juyoung Jung who passed away. “‘If I tell you that you are head of the department of this company then you are the head!’ likewise God who rules over all the universe told us ‘You are righteous, you are clean, you are holy!’ I had lots of sin but God told me that I am righteous and holy. I believe in that word! That is how I became righteous, clean and holy.” As this word was being preached to the VIPs they accepted the Gospel as it was.


“I am a congressman of Malawi. I attended this meeting from the morning and the message was amazing and very powerful. Truthfully, there is no church in Malawi which preaches the gospel of God. They just have the outward appearance and follow certain customs, we need pastors to preach about the word of salvation. We need to be saved and we must repent. We must seek God. It was a strong message addressing this and I received many blessings from it.”


Question: “Have you ever heard this kind of message?”

Answer: “No, it is the first time for me to hear such a word. I came yesterday and the word was great and realizing that the word being preached was the truth, I came today to attend again.


Question: “After the fellowship with Pastor Park have all your sins been washed in your heart?”

Answer: “Yes. I spend good times with Pastor Park. We had lunch together. He preached the word and it was very powerful words. He preached about salvation and about how we have become righteous as the blood of Jesus washed all our sins away. Therefore, I had such a good time and also the music was great too. Now I have become righteous. I have become holy.” Mary (Congressman)


VIPs who attended today (deputy minister’s couple, their nephew, congressmen) attended from breakfast to lunch even staying for the evening programs as they left after the reception ceremony. Today which is Sunday, just like how Philip was led by the Holy Spirit to the wilderness to preach the gospel to the Ethiopian Eunuch, God sent the deputy minister’s couple, their nephew, congressmen and led them so that as they spent the day together, their hearts grew closer and they were able to listen to the gospel and have affirmation of salvation in their hearts.

Just like old family members they returned after all the programs were over.

Changed hearts through the Mind Lecture and Musical Concert


The minister of youth who attended the day before sent an email requesting such Bible seminar to take place near Blantyre, which is where he grew up, even for just one day. And he also mentioned about the problem of his nephew who had desires which surpassed his abilities just like the Mind Lecture mentioned yesterday. He stated that the world of the mind of IYF was such a precise and necessary thing for the youth of Malawi.





Within two days in Malawi, so many things took place.

Just like how darkness cannot resolve anything by itself, but if light shines then the darkness disappears and everything becomes bright, we were able to see many students, education leaders, ministers and VIPs opening their hearts in front of the gospel and their hearts being established amongst light. We are very hopeful of Malawi who will do great works of the gospel through the GBS broadcasting station, and the chapel center.



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