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[Mexico] Christmas Cantata with everyone, Mexico World Camp September 05, 2012

On the fourth day of the Mexico World Camp, the Christmas Cantata was held outdoors in Zocalo Theater with nearly 20,000 people in attendance.

The cantata began with the sound of music from the Gracias Choir which rang and spread out to the audience. Prior to the start of the cantata, other musicians were performing however as the Gracias’ Choir’s performance began a great gathering of people gravitated towards the cantata in order to watch the performance.

During the performance it began to rain. Behind us it was thunder and dark clouds and so it seemed as if there was going to be heavy rainfall, however it turned out to only be a drizzle.

Furthermore, when Pastor preached Isaiah chapter 40 verse 31, “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength,” the rain stopped and even though the heads and clothes of the participants were drenched and cold air was blowing, they remained in their seats and gave passionate ovations.

Eun Suk Park, the leader of Gracias Choir said, “We performed for two days in the heart of Mexico, Zocalo Theater. On both occasions, during the Music Concert on the first night and the Christmas Cantata on the second day over 20,000 citizens of Mexico heard and rejoiced in our music. Due to Mexico being a Catholic state there were many Catholic churches and people who wanted to prevent this event from occurring, however the seats were filled three to four hours before the start of the event. We worried and prayed because it was the monsoon season, and on the first day it did not rain and on the second day it rained slightly however the citizens did not leave their seats and instead watched the cantata. We were so grateful to be able to preach about Jesus in a Catholic country and in addition we were passionate, the citizens of Mexico were passionate, Pastor was passionate and even God was passionate and thus it was such a grateful cantata. We accepted the heart of Pastor and spread seeds in Mexico and so are hoping to reap the fruits. It was such a joyful trip.”

After the performance, there was a VIP reception. Pastor Park preached that though we have sinned, God has passed on our sins to Jesus and so if the King of Kings says that we have no sins, then we have no sins.

Also, he asked for us to throw our thoughts away and believe in the Word and hoped for everyone to receive the blessing of God. He thanked them for their sponsorships which helped the camp to operate smoothly.

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