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[Mexico] “Let’s go to Mexico! Into a New World of Mind!


“Hola! Hello!”

The world culture camp, which travels all over the world and teaches the world of mind and gifts change in the lives of youth had landed in Mexico, a country of passion. Pastor Ock Soo Park and Gracias Choir visited Mexico on the night of the last day of LA World Cultural Camp on the 17th.


Latin American VIPs Happily Greet Pastor Ock Soo Park.

Pastor Park, explains plans to introduce mind department and distribute textbooks

Pastor Park specializes in mind education that brings about a change in the lives of young people, and he has met with governments in more than 100 countries and 20 presidents. Representatives from the Panama House of Representatives; Mayor of Del Mar, Haiti; and former Mayor of Santiago, Dominican Republic welcomed him at the camp site to meet him.


Pastor Park Ock Soo, who met with the people who had been waiting for him at the camp site, expressed his deep gratitude for coming all the way to Mexico to meet him. He shared the work progress of his recent visit to four African countries and presidential meetings with governments to introduce mind education, introduction of mind department in colleges, and distribution of textbooks, etc., and those who listened also asked advice on ways to introduce mind education in their own countries.


Mexico’s leading daily newspaper also visited Pastor Park and the camp site. La prensa focused on IYF’s mind-training. The reporter conducted an in-depth interview with Pastor Ock Soo Park on the subject of the world of mind. The story of the world of the mind led to conversations about human good and evil. The reporter who heard the fact that we, as sinners, became righteous by Jesus, felt the heart of God for his soul, and shed tears.

The youth lit up the city of Sala de Armas with their light smiles, hand greeting, and small talk.





At the opening ceremony in Sala de Armas, 3,000 students and citizens gathered and the camp was officially began with the opening declaration of the IYF head of the Mexican branch, Shin Jae-hoon.








The opening ceremony was attended by a total of 17 politicians, economists, educators, and organization leaders including former Mayor of Santiago, Gilberto Serulle of the Dominican Republic; Mayor of Delmar of Haiti, Wilson Jeudy; and Minister of Social Development of Mexico Jose Ramon Amieva Galvez. They conveyed a message of hope for the youths who will be attending the four-day camp.


Mexico City Congressman Fuiza Castellanos said, “The future is the youths’. The future of the country depends on the youth. It is a very happy day for me to meet Pastor Ock Soo Park and the International Youth Fellowship that works as a tool of God for the future of young people not only in Korea but also around the world. Mind training is also needed in Mexico. I would like to help as a member of the Chamber of Deputies. When our youth are with God, they can change their minds. It can change. I wish every country in the world knew about IYF. ”


Jose Ramon Amieva Galvez, Minister of Social Development of Mexico City, said he was grateful to the IYF that is working for Mexican youth. Gilberto Serulle, former Mayor of Santiago of Dominican Republic, expressed his thanks to the IYF for working with young people, saying that the youth will be able to change if they hear the IYF’s mind-lecture.



“As there can be no darkness in the light, IYF will become an organization that helps young people walk to the future,” said Wilson Jeudy.

In particular, the Mayor of Delmas presented a plaque to Pastor Park Ock Soo saying, “I believe that the words of Isaiah 40:31 are always with Pastor Ock Soo Park, who trains youth around the world and works for change of mind.


Pastor Ock Soo Park emphasized that young people will become completely different and their lives will change if they receive the mind-training and change their minds during the World Cultural Camp.



Pastor Park said, “Two hearts constantly fight inside us and we live in suffering and despair as evil spirits lead us because we can neither discern nor defeat the devil’s heart. But in the Bible, there is a way to win in the war that happens in our minds. As Taekwondo, the world of mind is similar in that there is a counterattack to every attack. Only God can overcome evil spirits. If my heart is connected with Jesus, I can defeat evil spirits.”

The youths who heard the lecture was filled with anticipation for the camp.

Carrentes (21, Puebla) said, “The mind education in which we can learn the world of mind is a gift from Jesus. As I listened to the lecture, I found out that it is important to throw away my thoughts. ”

Christopher (29, Costa Rica) said, “I learned that I could lower my mind and live with the new heart of God if I listened to the Mind Lecture.”

Karen (21, Mexico City) said, “I got to know the world camp for the first time through street promoters. I wanted to go forward with my dream while listening to the mind lecture.”


We are hopeful towards God who changed the lives of many youths during this World Camp, and amidst the help of governments to change the world through IYF, open the path in Mexico. Mexico’s camp of change, where the hearts of the youth will run towards the new world, continued until the 20th.


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