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[Mexico] Monterey English Camp News (January 17, 2012)

Hello? Here is Mexico Monterey where heat of English Camp fills.

A year 2011 summer, God gave servant the heart that he wants to send more students to Good news corps overseas volunteer as he sent students from America to Korea world camp as a volunteer. Students are very interested in overseas volunteer but there are many students who hesitate it in America as they try to invest their time one year in their life. For these students ‘if they know the pleasure that they sacrifice themselves and service they do not hesitate. How can I give them a taste of the pleasure to live for others even little? While servants were seeking wisdom God gave them the wisdom that they could English camp in Mexico.The year 2011, after New York World camp they could get many volunteers around the U.S. as they promoted and prepared English camp. The back end of last year, they had pastor Ock Soo Park and had retreat and English camp last workshop through region workshop on this year January 1th in Dallas. Total 430 volunteers moved for 8 hours by bus and arrived in Mexico Monterey in safety.

On January 6th morning, finally, volunteer taught students as they divided 4 sections (elementary school, middle – high school, Uni college, master college) with excited heart. Except registration of students in advance many the numbers of people registered on the day and total 1,300 participated in English camp, all teacher and students became one and came into English deeply and had an enjoyable time.

In the dance learning time, they learned IYF sound dance ‘Up Side Down’ and ‘Under the sea’ and so on and were delighted. Like a race who familiar with dance culture students followed dance very easily in a short time and they could not hide excitement. In the English lecture time they progressed grammar that it easy to lost centrically such as how to use article or adjective, how to use prefix and suffix and so on. As they learned ‘When It’s Lamp Lighting Time’ and ‘Rhythm of Falling Rain’ which is very famous for America they learned English to the music. Pastor Bang won Park gave a lecture about what we must open hearts as he told that what result of doing not open his heart without knowing his mother’s heart in detail through a solider “John” who entered Korean War and stepped landmine during the mind lecture time.

After the lecture a student Fernando came and said to pastor ‘Not long ago many people died by drug and terror and hurt each other in this Monterey so they have closed their hearts each other but IYF came to this city and taught not just English, but smile, joy and the way to open heart so I am very happy and grateful and he/she said that I want to be a member of IYF. It also progressed by program of same order in Master college Profesionales de La Educacion Con Vocacion de Servicio and middle-high school in neighborhood but teachers and students met together just two days but as if they are friends for many years they closed and enjoyed the program. Program was divided many booths and had to move often but everyone participated in the program seriously and in good order.

Volunteers who finished evening schedule and came back were full of happiness and joy. In the teachers meeting in the evening pastor Bang Won Park preached the gospel through Genesis cheater 45 Joseph story , many people opened their hearts and listened to the sermon well.

English camp that it was given by God will not finished only for this year and will go up with gospel together in North and South America continually. ‘And he said to them go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.’ According to the promise that God gave us as we picture what God will fill it up with gospel in this year and thankful to God.

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