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[Mexico] Outdoor Union Service Put Brothers and Sisters’ Heart Together (May 27, 2011)

On May 15th, a warm and sunny day, brothers and sisters from Toluca, Mexico City and Izcalli gathered together in Toluca and held an outdoor union service.

The outdoor union service this time was specially held to unite brothers and sisters’ heart in front of numerous plans of God who wants to work strongly in Mexico, and those plans are plans that we cannot deliver with our own power.

1. For a long time, the center church of Mexico is not in the capital, Mexico City, but in Izcalli in the state of Mexico, and we plan to sell current building of Izcalli church and purchase new building in the capital, Mexico City, and move the center church to the capital, Mexico City and take charge the work to spread the Gospel all over Mexico from there.

2. One sister donated her own land in Mexico city for the work of Gospel and we are building pastor’s residence and Theological School’s dorm there. After the building is constructed, Pastor Shin Jaehun’s family and Theological School will move there and we will rent a Hall in the city for service and World Camp Office.

3. Open 1 new church every 6 months in Mexico and establish churches in all 31 states.

4. Send 10 local Latin American missionaries to the USA every year

In front of a lot of things, what we need is not our hearts, but the God’s heart.

The morning service started with righteous dance prepared by Mexican youth and short term missionaries. After that, brothers and sisters enjoyed the praise time presented by Missionary student Benjamin.

In the following preaching time, Pastor Shin Jaehun preached the words of Numbers Chapter 21 verse 4, saying just as while watching the bronze serpent, although Israel people didn’t know why and how it happened, but they survived the poison of serpents and gained life, although we might know much about faith, but we will gain faith while we watch the Lord. Although the things come to us continuously seem to be hard and difficult, when we look at the Lord, we can discover the fact that Lord has solved all problems and we gained strength.

We gained faith that no matter how big the problems we will encounter when we prepare the things in Mexico, as long as we look at God and have hope, God will give us new strength and all the things will be accomplished beautifully without my power but with God’s power.

After the service, we shared the delicious food we brought and chatted friendly with each other.

In the afternoon, all the brothers and sisters took part in the mini-Olympics.

We had games such as group rope jumping, OX quiz, paper flip, water drinking, moving beans with chopsticks, passing ball quickly, passing hula hoop quickly. All 10 teams enjoyed game with all the fun and the expression when they leaked a bean made us feel we all went back to our childhood. Although there were people whose body didn’t follow quite well with their hearts during the game, all people put their hearts together and enjoyed the games.

In the late afternoon, there was strong wind and some rain, and because it was even said to have shower in the weather forecast, we were worried a lot, but while we were having evening service, the weather turned well and we were able to have our evening service in cool breeze and we all thanked a lot to the God who controlled the weather for us. In the end, there was prize ceremony for the Olympics activities. Teams received prized according to their ranks and everyone enjoyed the time with joy.

We also had a special time for a brother to donate his van to Toluca church where the World Camp this year will be held.

During world camp, we need lots of cars for both people and cargos, so the brother prepared all the documents needed and donated his car for the preparation and also the operation of World Camp.

When we looked at the hearts given by God which never exists in the world, we are filled with expectation how God prepares and lead our future.

Through the outdoor service this time, brothers and sisters united their hearts and we had a precious time to open and share our hearts. We are full of hope that in the future, brothers and sisters will run powerfully for the Gospel to achieve those numerous things of God in Mexico with united heart.

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