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[Mexico] The 1st Workshop for 2011 World Camp (June 30, 2011)

From June 10th to 12th, the 1st workshop was held for 2011 Mexico World Camp volunteers in Metropolitan Park, located in Toluca, the capital of Mexico State, where we will be holding the world camp just like last year.

With about 70 youth who heard about IYF and this workshop through the Cultural Night, which God opened the way for us to hold in the city of Texcaltitlan, a total of 150 youths participated this workshop. Because Toluca Church was a small local church, we had to pray to find sleeping quarters for the students. Thankfully, church brothers and sisters and other acquaintances pour their hearts for the event and found 9 places. Students were divided into 16 groups and able to lodge in the places.

On 10th, we started with the registration at 10. Students gathered to the hall and we began the event a little early, at 4. (The venue was a part of city park and they are closed at 6).

With the righteous stars’ dance, the event began, and all the participating students opened their hearts. Also, Brother Benjamin and Ms. Yoon Mi, a pastor’s wife, sang before the sermon for students to prepare their heart for the word.

Copastor Sang Tae Park, who ministers in Monterrey church, gave out a sermon:

“IYF will be a great help to change what is inside of the heart of youth into a good strength and a good power. We’d like to lead all of you to the world of the heart.”

Starting with the second day, we had various Academy time from 8:40.

Students showed their interest through active participation in Taekwondo, dance, Korean, French, Japanese, English, Germany, music, and beauty classes. A lot of students were especially interested in Taekwondo, dance, and beauty. Even though they had to sweat a lot out in the sun, nobody frown. Everyone truly enjoyed and had great time with the activities.

For the sermon, the IYF Mexico branch manager, brother Luis Mendes spoke to the students that the very first thing people have to do is to know where they are. For example, you cannot really go back to your place unless you know where you are. He also said that in order to become a true leader, one must overcome his or her limit.

After the delicious lunch, there was a mini-Olympic. The participants had great time with their group as they played stealing-sleeping-bags, jumping rope, group marathon, paper game, ball game, shooting hoops, charade, hula-hoops game, chopstick game, and foot-valley ball.

The park manager saw how the participants were changing through our workshop and allowed us to stay a little longer till 8 o’clock for our evening event. We were able to have performances and share the words.

Pastor shared Pastor Park’s testimony about how his stomach was healed and said that the word has power and once our life gets connected to the word, the power of the word will reveal through our life.

On the third day, the last day of the workshop, some of the students who came from Texcaltitlan had to take their heavy steps to leave. (Even though the city is only an hour away from Toluca, it is not easy to find the transportation. So many students could only come with group appointment.)

Even though the workshop was short, many students, who did not have much chance to encounter multi-culture, from Texcaltitlan were able to receive salvation, open their heart to IYF, and share their heart.

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