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[Mexico] We Are Happy


The Mexico World Camp that began with excitement is already on its third day. The unfamiliar participants came closer to one another as they participated in the event.

In Mexico, the World Camp that is held once in every 2 years is greatly anticipated by students. For this camp especially, the short-term missionaries throughout all of Central America from Peru, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Columbia etc. gathered to help with the performance and camp promotion. As they prepared for the World Camp, there was concern as promotion did not come easily. But as the volunteer workers saw participants gather one by one, they rejoiced. Moreover, the performances that seemed lacking were welcomed by the audience with cheers and joyfulness, and they were thankful to the performance team.


The volunteers contemplated hard on how to give joy to the participants. Scavenger Hunt, Mini Olympics, Academy etc. various activities were prepared. During the Academy session, various classes of Korea, Chinese, massage, CPR etc. were prepared. The participants enjoyed the session as they followed after the teachings of the Academy instructor. There was always laughter on the faces of the participants throughout the Academy session. The CPR class was taught by a specialist from Korea. As much as a specialist taught the class, the students were able to learn with even more sincerity.




Pastor Ock Soo Park, the main lecturer of this World Camp delivered a message on the life living for the IYF and preaching the gospel. Although there were no happy days before salvation, life has become happy even without conditions for being happy after receiving salvation. Having started from the extremely poor life in Apgokdong, now many nation governments wish to work with the IYF, leaders of the world are receiving salvation, and many people are changing through the IYF.

Specially, after the morning mind lecture, there was the land donation ceremony of Doctor González. By help of Mr. Juan Hernandez who encountered the IYF one year ago through the English Camp, the cultural event and Korean academy was able to be operated in the region of Pesquería, Monterrey. As he saw the activities of the IYF, Mr. Juan Hernandez came to trust this organization to be working sincerely for the youth, prepared the papers necessary, and found out a way to give land to the IYF. However, he encountered Mr. Ronaldo Martinez who wanted a project that helped the local community of Doctor González in which he lived. He was looking for an opportunity that was helpful and beneficial for the citizens and youth when he encountered the IYF. Mr. Ronaldo Martinez decided to donate 25 hectares of the land he possesses in Doctor González which is about an hour away from Monterrey to the IYF. The donated land is not only close to Monterrey but also the border to the United States. Pastor Ock Soo Park delivered his hopes of an IYF centre being built on the land along with the establishment of a Mexico Music School.



On the same day, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the gospel to the Mr. and Mrs. Martinez. ‘Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus (Romans 3:24)’

“As Kind David joined hearts with God, when God cleanses all our sins through the blood of Jesus and says we are righteous, are we sinners or are we righteous?”

“Then we are righteous.” Mr. and Mrs. Martinez readily accepted the gospel. It was great news of joy to us.


A happy smile spread across the faces of the volunteers as they saw the participants gradually change and be happy by each passing day. As much as they lacked much, they were able to see God help this World Camp and rejoiced in it. Especially, as many great works took place in Mexico at this camp held in 2016, the brothers and sisters have great hopes for the doors of the gospel that God will open in Mexico.



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