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[Miami] 19 Pearl Oyster of Miami (June 15, 2011)

The 19 short term missionaries of the east coast of the USA are on a witnessing trip that God has prepared. The planned two months trip through Washington, Miami, New Orleans and Orlando it’s already halfway over. The short term missionaries preached God with all their hearts in Miami, Florida for the past two weeks.

Pastor Kiho Kim from the Philadelphia Churched preached the word at the Miami seminar which began on May 30th. On the first day, through the words in 1 Samuel chapter 2, triggered many thoughts to the attendants. When we look at Hannah’s and Rachel’s situation it seems as both of them were unhappy because they were both unable to have a child but their lives were completely different. Until now, we’ve lived our lives only seeking the situations that seem good in our eyes. For example, the steady weather of Miami was an unfavorable situation in our eyes but as we saw the lives of the short-term missionaries and how they were experiencing God, we were able to feel that everything that God was given us was good and we were grateful in our hearts. One brother was exhausted from the hot weather, sat down in front of someone’s house and felt a sleep, the owner of the house came out and personally asked for a booklet and he attended the seminar and heard the gospel. When we tried to preach the gospel with our zeal it doesn’t turn out so well but when God works the souls widely open their hearts. In our eyes the situation may seem difficult but for God to save a soul He allowed this weather to us and prepared all things. As we expected the weather of Miami was deadly however the hot weather or the sudden pour of rain was no longer a problem to us. One brother said, strangely when he preaches the gospel he gains strength and said if this hot weather was given by God then he will gratefully accept it and said he is grateful to be able to preach this gospel. Just like God held on to the weather in Washington, He also cooled down the weather in Miami for us. Furthermore, Pastor preached John 9 about the blind man receiving sight and said that God gives us difficulties so that just like oysters go through a painful process to make a beautiful pearl, that difficulty is just a process. God gives us sufferings to give us peace and when we trust and rely in God we can find hope in those painful situations. Just like the words of Pastor Kiho Kim, we were able to know that all things that God gives us are good. Also, during the rest of our short-term ministry and lives when we face difficulties we can gain strength through the word.

Through the guidance of God many people attended the Miami seminar.

Amongst all people, a woman name Kate was most memorable. When two short-term missionary sisters first visited her home, she was extremely cold. When we tried to speak with her she continued to say she was busy so we asked if we could at least use her bathroom. In her restroom we saw a Korean traditional mask. Kate said her sister brought it for her from the time she was working in Korea and through that topic we were able to start talking with her. However, when we tried to preach the gospel to her, she would change the subject so we were only able to give her a booklet and left her home. When we tried to invite her to the seminar, we would could call and leave her messages and she said she would come and we waited but she never came. But thankfully on the last day she came to the seminar. Strangely, her tightly closed heart widely opened as the word began to enter her heart. Through the word of Pastor Kiho Kim, she rejoiced when she came to know that she no longer has sin and that we cannot become children of God through the law but we can only go to God through Jesus. Furthermore, she first mentioned that she would like to attend the post seminar and that she wants to read Pastor Ock Soo Park’s book. I was shamed at myself for trying to invite her to the seminar using my humanistic ways. The gospel entered her heart, and when the God in her heart met the God in my heart she widely opened her heart. She said she would like to see us again so she said she wants to attend the Orlando seminar which is about 3 -4 hours away. As we saw that the things which were difficult when we used our own way were easily solved when it met God and we were happy and thankful to see one soul receiving salvation.

The Miami seminar was a blessed time where we were able to experience the love of God. We hope that the 19 short-term missionaries will go through New Orleans, Orlando and return to New York become pearls of God that acknowledge Him in all things.

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