Miami Christmas Cantata blazes the Gospel trail way down south

October 2, 2012

Miami, FL—This was our first time holding the Gracias Choir Christmas Cantata in Miami, FL, which also happens to be 80% Hispanic. IYF was able to reserve the Miramar Cultural Center for the Christmas Cantata, which is a concert hall that seats approximately 800 people. Our promotion was dynamic and expansive given a relatively small team: broadcast stations, churches, colleges, consulates, and various organizations across the city. We even paid visits to rehab centers. Even though the Miami church is small in number, various missionaries, regional church brethren, and Good News Corps volunteers came together, formed groups, and promoted Christmas Cantata throughout Miami.

We split up into teams by city region and began visiting homes and handing out Cantata fliers. But, the extreme weather posed a great challenge for our witnessing efforts. Miami is extremely hot and it often rains, which obviously slows us down while we go door-to-door. Despite the physical hardship, God helped us overcome this difficulty and allowed many first-time volunteers to get interested in helping us promote.

Several Hispanic churches opened their doors to us and we were given the opportunity to announce Gracias Choir Christmas Cantata to a pastoral meeting through a few specific congregation members. We even preached to this large, 200-person gathering. Personally, it was so thankful and gratifying to hav