[Minister’s Forum] Joint declaration for youth problems at World Youth Ministers’ Forum (July 23, 20

World Youth Ministers’ Forum and Joint Declaration at Nurimaru APEC Center.

On July 5th, 2012, the World Youth Ministers’ Forum took place at Nurimaru APEC Centre, where the APEC Summit was previously held. Eighteen countries from Africa, South East Asia and Central America were represented, while 30 Youth Ministers, Deputy Ministers and government officials from 20 countries along with 200 domestic and international students from America, Russia, India, Japan, Philippines, Cambodia and Peru were in attendance and listened attentively. “Fading Youth, the mentality and actions of the Youth” being the topic, youth problems were discussed, were made aware of, and were addressed thoroughly and after cooperative measures to solve youth problems were discussed, a joint declaration was announced.

In addition, a joint declaration was signed to promote the healthy minds and futures of the youth. Representatives from each country promised to take responsibility for their youth and to create and encourage new programs for youths. On the joint declaration document, they promised that through their cooperation they would bring social welfare and economic development as well.

The Ministers who attended agreed that the IYF Mind Lectures would positively change the youth and create bright futures for them. Ministers from each country were appointed as IYF advisors and decided to share their opinions in order to improve youth problems. The World Youth Minister’s Forum was sponsored by Korea Tourist Service, Pusan metropolitan city and MBN.

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