[Mombasa] Presents the World Camp Passed (April 29, 2011)

There were many gifts God gave us at the second World Camp in Mombasa Kenya. Foremost, during the World Camp which was held from April 16th – 20th, 300 out of the 500 students who had to come to the World Camp at 8AM and leave at six in the evening.

However, the students who were commuting to the camp wanted to have more time to share the word of God and the gospel, so they requested to Pastor Sunghwa Cho who is the Chairman of the IYF Kenya, to hold the meeting until 8PM. The worries that we previously had thinking ‘who will stay this late to listen to the word’ disappeared as we saw the earnest attendants.

The attendants left early in the morning from their homes to attending the academy clubs which began at eight in the morning. Furthermore, they attentively listened to the performances which continued until eight in the evening which made us forget that it was an outdoor space. Although it seemed as if there was not much time to listen to the word because of the classes and lectures, swimming time at the beach, mini Olympics, park field trip and various other activities but God worked so that during the class meetings and individual fellowship the gospel was preached and people received salvation.