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[Mombasa] Presents the World Camp Passed (April 29, 2011)

There were many gifts God gave us at the second World Camp in Mombasa Kenya. Foremost, during the World Camp which was held from April 16th – 20th, 300 out of the 500 students who had to come to the World Camp at 8AM and leave at six in the evening.

[Left: Attending students who were earnestly listening to the word late at night. Right: Class meeting and individual fellowship time.

However, the students who were commuting to the camp wanted to have more time to share the word of God and the gospel, so they requested to Pastor Sunghwa Cho who is the Chairman of the IYF Kenya, to hold the meeting until 8PM. The worries that we previously had thinking ‘who will stay this late to listen to the word’ disappeared as we saw the earnest attendants.

[Left: French class held by the GNC member from Switzerland. Right: Students hurrying to attend the 8AM academy.]

The attendants left early in the morning from their homes to attending the academy clubs which began at eight in the morning. Furthermore, they attentively listened to the performances which continued until eight in the evening which made us forget that it was an outdoor space. Although it seemed as if there was not much time to listen to the word because of the classes and lectures, swimming time at the beach, mini Olympics, park field trip and various other activities but God worked so that during the class meetings and individual fellowship the gospel was preached and people received salvation.

[Left: Taekwondo class taught by the Kenya Master who learned from a Korean Master. Right: Wholesome dance class.]

[Left: First tug-a-war. Right: Special lecture time by Pastor Shin from the Korea Ulrongdo Church who came with the main guest speaker]

All the attendants who attended the Chinese, Korea, French, Taekwondo, dance, drama, GNC volunteer, health basics and bible study academy, signed up to come to the IYF academy class which will be held at the Mombasa Church after the World Camp. They will learn special education which they cannot learn in school, but more importantly if they learn the world of the heart which education of the world cannot teach they will meet God and their lives will become new.

The students who attended the Good News Volunteer club, as they learned about the experiences of the Korean volunteers they learned about sacrifice, and they were very excited as they heard about the volunteer activities abroad done by the Kenyan volunteers. Also, they applied to become volunteers and partake in the preparation for the Nairobi Kenya camp which will begin in August.

“The heart of Jesus towards the man with palsy in Mark chapter 2, before He healed his body which was unable to more freely, He first wanted to free this man’s heart from the sin which was bounding him. Thus he said “Son, thy sins be forgiven thee!” Today He wants to free us from our thoughts in our hearts through the blood Jesus shed on the cross. Many youths asked God to give them the power to live however they’d like but God first wants to free these youths from the sins in their hearts and from themselves!” (From the lecture of Speaker Pastor Hong Ryul Ryu)

[Left: Pastor Hong Ryul Ryu from Ulsan Korea Church preaching the gospel through the mind training lecture session. Right: Local ministers’ wives who were in charge of the meals.]

The students who heard the gospel were already freed from their sins in their hearts and thoughts. They already began to have the heart to want to be freed from their selves and live for others. They want to attend the volunteer workshop which will be held in Mombasa Church in May. The local ministers and their wives are preparing food and other things with a hopeful heart to gain the hearts of the youths. Just like they’ve changed into new people through the gospel, they are happy to think how these youths will change through the World Camp and they accepted this happiness as reward.

[Left: Student representative attending the certificate ceremony. Right: Introducing the IYF to the sponsors through a reception]

On the last day we held a completion ceremony. Also, we introduced the IYF to the Mombasa World Camp sponsors through a dinner reception and they all promised to continue to support the IYF and Mombasa. Furthermore, Co-pastor Byoung Deon Kim who came from Nairobi Church to prepare for the World Camp was dispatched to Mombasa to lead the many new youths who will be connected after ending the World Camp. Mombasa, the second largest city of Kenya God has given us so many gifts through the World Camp. We truly thank God!

[Left: Co-pastor Byoung Deon Kim’s family who were dispatched to the Mombasa Church. Right: Precious people who attended the first Mombasa World Camp]

We ask for your prayers for Mombasa, Kenya Africa. * Reported by IYF Kenya Volunteers

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