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[Mongolia] “From the heart to the heart” 2011 IYF World Camp Opening Ceremony (June 10, 2011)

June 6th – Day One

The cold Mongolian winter past and as the warm summer came and melted the frozen ground, new sprouts rise, the descendants of Chingiz Khan Mongolia gathered at the World Camp Opening Ceremony.

The grand curtains of the camp were raised in the center of Mongolia’s capital Ulan Bator but not everything was perfect from the beginning. Due to local circumstances the local college students test period overlapped with the camp etc. and there were many difficulties however God fulfilled the things that lacked and sent the students and we were able to beautifully commence the World Camp.

From the time of orientation on the evening of June 5th the students registered and receive their t-shirts and had meeting by class and they were able to become closer to each other. From the morning on the next day (day of the opening ceremony), through the dance, Korean, Chinese, Taekwondo, Korean food cooking class, photography, English, making Korean traditional mask, a cappella and other various clubs the students opened their hearts.

In the evening, the Bucheon Lincoln students opened the stage with their wholesome dances and culture Japanese dance “Junintoiro”. In the first act, the Bucheon Lincoln House School’s Taekwonmu and fan dance, followed by a Mongolian traditional dance prepared by the Mongolia National Dance Company, and Pastor Hun-mo Lee opened the Mongolia World Camp. A welcoming address given by Vice Chairman of the IYF elder Won-dal Kim followed by a congratulatory message by the advisor of Mongolia’s current President. During the second act, the Gracias Choir congratulatory performance opened the hearts of the people through music.

Specially, when the choir sang a song in Mongolian, the students and all the attendants gave a warm applause. In continuation there was Pastor Ock Soo Park’s congratulatory message. During the message, Pastor spoke about a soldier named John who lost his arms and legs during a war and said that we need to connect from heart to heart and people raised their hands to show that they want to also open their hearts to the friends and teachers next to them.

Mongolia President’s Advisor, Chancellor of the Bayangkul region and the Director of the Taxes of Bayangkul attended the opening ceremony and brighten the stage.

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