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[Mongolia] Joyful Moment of Shifting Our Hearts to Jesus’ Side

The Mongolian Retreat long-awaited by the brothers and sisters was held from the 22nd to the 26th of February with Pastor Han Soo Chang as speaker at the Ulaanbaatar Mission Center. As a person with well-circulating healthy blood can overcome disease on its own, the brothers and sisters that had lived distant from one another were able to come closer through the Words and fellowship. As a knot that was untied, their hearts were untangled inside the Lord and they spent a happy time.


In the evening of the first day, the Words in Mark 4:35, “Let us pass over unto the other side” was preached and we also became hopeful that Jesus would shirt our hearts from our thoughts to the other side where He rejoices in. Continuing, Pastor Han Soo Chang said, “I am very thankful that there is no one here who is distinguished. We are people who make mistakes and are lacking. When we accept and realize ourselves as such people that we are, I believe God will work and pour His grace. That is why when your hearts flow with the grace and heart of God, everything can come alive and things can only go well. While our efforts are put into it however, Jesus cannot work which is why He does the work of emptying out our hearts.”



Jesus told His disciples to pass over to the other side. As they traveled on boat, it seemed as though the disciples were taking Jesus. However, it was actually the Words and will of Jesus that took the disciples. The disciples only needed to be led by Jesus but instead, it seemed as though they were trying hard to attend him. When Jesus is leading, everything is peaceful and there is no problem but when we try hard to care for the Lord and lead the church, everything can only become tiring and a problem. Through a great gale, Jesus did the work of revealing the hearts of overconfident Peter and the disciples to be embarrassing people who can neither do or say anything. When we become failures and people who are unable, we can discover Jesus inside the boat with us and receive grace. The disciples were with Jesus but while they believed that they could do something on their own, there was nothing else they could do except to row the boat and fight with the tempest in pain. When they fail and become unable people, the same tempest changes from a disaster or curse to a blessing that humbles our heart to become one with Jesus. This is why all our circumstances and conditions are perfect for looking towards Jesus. If Jesus, who commands, “[…]sea, Peace, be still” and makes a great calm, is together with us what problems could there possibly be?

Why do people go through difficulty?

Whilst we have no heart to learn and the strength in our heart to trust in ourselves still remains, we are unable to discover the Lord who is with us and can only continue to row the boat in vain. What matters to us is not the size of the gale but when Jesus is amidst us, nothing becomes a problem. While listening to the sermon, our yolk was able to end and we were able to rest by Jesus’ being with us.

Moreover, Pastor Won Yong Choi and his wife who came to this retreat and the minds recreation, mind academy, African acapella prepared the students of Asan and Ganseong Church, etc. carious performances provided great joy to the brothers and sisters.




At the Holy Communion on the last day, God who took Abraham outside and showed him the numerous stars in the night sky in Genesis chapter 15 also shifted our hearts from our thoughts to the world of the scriptures. Now God will allow us to see with His eyes instead of ours, hear with His ears, and live with his heart. When we live with the Lord’s heart that redeemed 10,000 talents we have great hope that our regional churches and all of Mongolia will revive.



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