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MOU Signed with Live Broadcast for TBN Viewers and Israeli Broadcast Shalom

Sermon to be broadcast worldwide in Hebrew

TBN, the greatest Christian Broadcast in Russian prepared a special session for the viewers of the popular broadcast known as “Let there be light,” which is lectures on the book of Matthew. It was a Q&A session during the live broadcast of the “Let there be light” special lecture of Pastor Ock Soo Park to ask questions about spiritual life.

In the afternoon of May 5th, towards the end of the 2016 Russia World Camp, Pastor Ock Soo Park and his company entered the TBN Broadcasting Station and were warmly welcomed by Executive Director Yan Volkov and the broadcasting station employees.


The encounter with TBN began with an interview of Pastor Ock Soo Park and an introduction of the activities of the Good News Mission during the 2013 Russia World Camp. Since then, the encounter continued to take place at the World Camp held every year and in 2015, an MOU was signed.

Before the live broadcast began, Pastor Ock Soo Park and his company moved to the reception room and had a short conversation. Here, Pastor Ock Soo Park introduced every one of his company and Executive Director Yan Volkov also called in several of his employees into the reception room and introduced them.


Pastor Ock Soo Park showed Executive Director Yan Volkov pictures of the groundbreaking ceremony held in Zambia with the President and informed Mr. Volkov of how the recent overseas activities of the IYF have made it the world’s greatest youth organization. In addition, Pastor Ock Soo Park naturally preached the gospel as he told the story of how the gospel was preached to the President of Ghana. At this meeting, not only Executive Director Yan Volkov but also the show host, cameraman, and secretary of the live broadcast heard the gospel.


“Pastor, thank you for preaching the gospel to us. As you have said, I hope that many Christians get to know that we have become righteous by the work of God and start a new life together with the Lord. I believe that people will meet God in their hearts through the Words you preach. You have preached the gospel to me whenever you met me and I am always glad to hear it. I can see that you live by the Scriptures and in those Words I can feel God is alive.”  (TBN Executive Director Yan Volkov)

Following this, a new MOU signing ceremony took place between the Good News Mission and RBN(Russian Broadcasting Network). In May 2015, an MOU was concluded with Russian broadcast TBN, which is affiliated with RBN. This time, an MOU was signed with Hebrew broadcast affiliated with RBN and Israeli broadcasting station named ‘Shalom.’ Through this MOU, the gospel will begin to spread into Israel through broadcast.



After concluding the MOU, Pastor Ock Soo Park was ushered to the studio where preparation for the live broadcast was completed, and the live broadcast for TBN viewers was carried out after a brief explanation.

On this day, through the Q&A session after the lecture of Pastor Ock Soo Park, the viewers were able to request prayers for their illnesses ask questions about tithes or eating pork etc. and spend time with the lecturer of “Let there be light.”

It was a moment for God, who wants to spread the gospel not only in the Russian region but also as far as Middle East and Israel, to gift us the hope of the fruits of the gospel through the TBN.


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