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[Myanmar] Bible Seminar, ‘Receiving the Young Girl’s Faith as It Is’

1,500 brothers and sisters from all over Myanmar gathered in Yangon under the title ‘Musical Opera.’ An event was held at the Myanmar Convention Center (MCC) from the 18th to 20th of November inviting Pastor Ock Soo Park, the Gracias Choir, and Goodnews Band.


The event was prepared in great variety. Shouts and cheers filled the venue at each performance of the Korean traditional fan dance, Righteous Stars, Myanmar Heart Choir, Myanmar singer Jenevy, etc. The church members who attended the Korea World Camp and Christmas Cantata wanted to hold such an event in Myanmar as well so they gathered together, and prepared it. As they watched the Korea World Camp performance video, they prepared the props and synchronized movements. The work done by the heart given by God was burdensome but enjoyable. In the process of preparation, the 14th class Goodnews Corps Volunteers of Myanmar even said they felt awkward because there was nothing for them to help with.



2500 seats were prepared at the performance venue. Despite the R seats closest to the stage being high-priced at 5000 kyat, there were no empty seats. For the church members who came from afar, the brothers and sisters of Yangon Church received 2~4 guests into their as ‘home stay.’ To the church members of Myanmar, this event was a festival, happiness in itself. Each and every stage performance left a mark on their hearts and they were filled with true happiness. Not one question by the guest pastor was answered by the audience with negligence, they responded with all their hearts, and paid close attention to gain the most of it.


The guest speaker Pastor Ock Soo Park preached with fervor as if responding to the warm-hearted Burmese people. When fishing, once a fish’s mouth is caught on the needle, its belly or fins and all parts of the fish get pulled out of the water. Likewise, once the Words of God hold onto our hearts, not only our hearts but also our body, health, future, etc. are all thrown into hope.


Electricity Flows Through Wires, God’s Works Flows Through Hearts The hope of God in the young girl’s heart was delivered to Commander Naaman’s wife and again to Commander Naaman, then the King of Aram. In the end, a historical event happens in which the Commander goes before the prophet of God. As the girl’s small heart, ‘If only my master were with the prophet who is in Samaria…’ was communicated and delivered, it grew bigger like a snowball and it became time for the work of God to be shown.


The Myanmar Convention Center felt like the Jordan River in Israel from thousands of years ago. As Commander Naaman had become freed of his filthy disease at the Jordan River, the Burmese Commander Naamans connected with the heart of God here are washing away the thoughts and their own selves that tied them down. The attendants’ eyes were glistening with thankfulness and joy.


We Also Receiving the Young Girl’s Heart Now, the church members of Myanmar will no longer insult themselves in the thoughts of the flesh. This is because they learned to receive the young girl’s heart, block their thoughts, and counterattack. The church members of Myanmar connected to the Word of God by excluding the environment and their judgements and with a pure, clean heart are continuing to grow even at this moment. The reason for hope in Myanmar is in its continuous growth each year. We also look forward to the remaining 2 days of the event.

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