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[Myanmar] The Bright Light of the Gospel Shines on the 2016 Bible Seminar in Myanmar

“Minglaba!”, this is the word, “Hello!” for the people of Myanmar.

“The 2016 Christmas Bible Seminar” was held in Myanmar, the country with the people of pure hearts.

On the 14th of November, 2016, on the 1st day of the ‘2016 Christmas Bible Seminar in Myanmar’, in the morning and the afternoon there were two Christian Leaders’ Workshops at the small hall of the MCC (Myanmar Convention Centre). In the morning, 100 ministers and in the afternoon 150 ministers and congregation gathered together.

Firstly, the participants open their hearts through the choir’s male and female ensembles, at the atmosphere of the Workshop became deepened.


Afterwards, Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke about the precise way in which the heart of a human being could be connected to the heart of Jesus Christ. All electricity needs, in order to flow, is a wire and afterwards electricity will be able to flow into any house, regardless of how dirty it may be. So, how can the heart of Jesus Christ become connected to our hearts? The solution is strangely simple. It is simply “having the same heart”. Brother Choong Hwan Kim was diagnosed with cancer. If Jesus Christ was there, he would have had the heart of wanting to heal him. Having such heart of Jesus Christ is the way in which the hearts can become connected. If you are connected likewise you will be able to defeat even cancer. That is how Brother Kim was able to become healed from that cancer. Although we cannot defeat sin, Jesus Christ can do so. If our hearts just become connected to the Jesus Christ’s heart, we will be able to defeat sin and temptations. This was the core of what Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke about on the first day of the Workshop.


Pastor Oomanthanwin, who had come to the Bible Seminar after reading, ‘The Forgiveness of Sin’, ‘Repentance & Faith’ and ‘Who are You that is Dragging Me?’ all written by Pastor Ock Soo Park said, “The righteousness that I heard about when I was young is different to the righteousness that I heard from Good News Mission.” As this righteousness changed him, he began to look for Good News Mission and was able to come because of the Cantata advertisement that he saw in the monthly magazine of the Good News Mission.

He was delighted to be able to meet Pastor Ock Soo Park at the venue. “In Myanmar, Christians do not have a clear faith about salvation. Most people do not have this righteousness. When I think about listening to the Word of Pastor, in person, during the Workshop, I am so happy.” During the interview, he could not hide the happiness on his face.



In the evening, 2500, students and citizens filled the seats of the MCC(Myanmar Convention Center) and the atmosphere began to heat up. A variety of performances, such as the Korean Fan Dance and Taekwondo Dance as well as the male and female ensembles struck a chord in the hearts of the audience.



Following on from those performances, Guest Speaker, Pastor Ock Soo Park, preached the strong message of Jesus Christ who has saved us from our sins.

“God does not look at our acts. He only looks the blood of Jesus. If he looks at us through the blood of Jesus, we are clean.”

As this Gospel was preached to the innocent hearts of the Burmese people, they absorbed this Gospel like a dry ground absorbing the rain and continued to exclaim their admiration.


In the second session, there was a performance that could only be seen in Myanmar; the 1st act of the Christmas Cantata, where the family of Jim and Della are introduced. Jim, who had begun the Act full of love, soon fell into his work and the story of how he recovers this love and his family that is full of complaint was demonstrated through many dramatic and comical scenes. It was an opportunity for the audience to learn about the true meaning of family.


Afterwards, Missionary Dae In Kim used a presentation to show exactly how we have been redeemed through the passing of our sins to Jesus Christ. “If there is anyone among you whose sins are washed and are saved, put your hand up.” Most of the participants put their hands up and expressed their thanks. Missionary gave all the glory to God saying, “The Holy Spirit has worked greatly today.”

Myanmar is no longer the country of darkness. Their future is full of hope. This is because the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been lit.

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