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[Myanmar] Updates “God Helps the Preparation for the Myanmar Conference” (December 02, 2011)

At 678,330Km2, Myanmar is the largest country in Southeast Asia (6 times the size of South Korea), it is home to various tribes – 135 minor tribes and about 7 main tribes. Having been isolated from the rest of the world due to the military rules, the economic development was delayed, and with low education level and high inflation, the standard of living is far from high.

However, we could not agree any more on that, such problems kept the people’s heart innocent to receive the gospel. As we prepared for the conference, we were able to hear many detailed testimonies about the help from God.

From various places, brothers and sisters gathered to Yangon church with some special products of each region. Together, they all got ready for the Conference. The brothers and sisters in Yangon prepared meals for a lot of participants with the little things they have and offered their houses for 500 people to homestay.

To share some of the testimonies: at first we received permission from the city hall to have a conference with less than 250 audiences. As the Minister of Yangon, a friend of one of the sisters, promised to attend the conference, however, more people could attend the conference without any problem.

One of the things needed the most while preparing for the conference is transportation. However, it is very expensive to own a vehicle in Myanmar due to tax. Because it is costly, Myanmar church does not own any car. Yet, for this conference, some brothers and sisters offered their cars (7 cars in total) for church to use, taking public transportation for themselves instead.

One brother raises pigs, and the livestock industry has incurred much loss recently due to the food-and-mouth disease. The brother raised pigs with faith since it chose livestock industry for the sake of the works of the Gospel. Around him, many livestock industry went almost bankrupt, but he was spared without much cost. He offered 10 pigs for the conference and joined the conference with thankful heart saying that he would give more if needed.

Moreover, finding rooms and housing for the conference was an issue because of the sudden increase in number of tourists. But God change one brother’s heart – he lives very close to the church, about 5 minutes – to give his huge, 2-storied- house for pastors and staff members to use for the conference.

As we prepare one by one, we witnessed the help from God. More than anything, it was such a beautiful sight to see brothers and sisters preparing together with an united heart.

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