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[Myanmar] “Wave of Democracy and Gospel in Myanmar” (December 06, 2011)

Cyclone of 2009, bloodshed because of antigovernment demonstration in 2010, earthquake of 2011 and so on are the Keywords when we search Myanmar in internet. But actually this country is being stabilized with the launch of the civilian government since the dictatorship losed the general election which was held in 20 years last December.

President Obama who is visiting Indonesia for attending East Asia Summit, EAS said that he will send Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State to Myanmar in his official announcement on 18th of November.

Also the pressure of America will decrease, the restricted Zone for foreigners is opening little by little, and there is no room in Hotels because of great number of foreign tourists. Myanmar is opening rapidly like this.

The specialty of the 6th Christmas Festival in Myanmar is the visit of the representative of the tribe of Kain, the influential tribe in Myanmar and the representative of Christian leaders.

U Saw Htun Aung Myint, the representative of Kain tribe that is second largest in Myanmar visited the first day of the Christmas Festival and saw all the cultural performances and show a big interest in mind lecture of pastor Ock Soo Park.

In face-to-face talk after the event, Pastor Ock Soo Park said, “I would like to work for the youth of Myanmar. And I want to do mind lecture for the Youth of Kain tribe. I’ll introduce the developed Korean enterprises.” Representative U Saw Htun Aung Myint responded, I’ll arrange a meeting with the president, if it’s possible. And also he promised to arrange the meeting with the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Sports taking up a positive attitude. He mentioned that he wanted to work together for the youth of Myanmar and he showed much interest about Good News Corps program of Korea. If you prepare some training programs for Myanmar Youth, we will select young leaders from 8 tribes and send them to Korea.

As one more feature of this event, the representatives of influential Christian leaders who have watched Myanmar church for a long time visited this Christmas Festival venue with the heart of being together with them. They had face-to-face talk with Pastor Ock Soo Park. Pastor Ock Soo Park said, “Myanmar Christianity will revive. If the Holy Spirit come into their heart, the pastors will change. If you want an individual consult about spiritual life after the event, I will do.” After the event they had fellowship with Pastor Park. Pastor Ock Soo Park preached about the issue of Sin with the word of Isaiah 53

At the first Mind Lecture of Christmas Festival, pastor Ock Soo Park said, “Myanmar’s economy will be developed. If the spirits of the youths are sound in mind, Myanmar will be a rich and powerful country. But if this country becomes rich through the economic development, the youth will degenerate quickly. That why having a healthy mind is really important.” Pastor Park preached about the mind which the people have to establish for the opening of Myanmar.

It’s really hopeful that the wave of democracy and gospel in Myanmar that is under the military dictatorship will melt the heart of the people which had frozen. I expect that how Myanmar will change next year this time.

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