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[Nepal] Meeting Ram Baran Yadav Nepal president and Nepal IYF (November 28, 2011)

There was a meeting with pastor Heon Mok Lee, Jeonju Lincoln students and India Nepal short term missionaries in Nepal presidential palace on November. 11. With the Nepal world camp ahead the meeting was for introducing IYF and world camp to the president. When we entered in Nepal presidential palace all our hearts was full with thankfulness and honored God who gave us this meeting. The Nepal presidential palace was not fancy but very cozy and neat. We met the president in meeting room and the appearance of president whom we saw first came to us warmly and closely.

First, he did individual introduction simply and pastor Heon Mok Lee introduced about IYF. The pastor told that there has our branches in 90countries and college students are doing cultural exchange and voluntary service in every country as IYF is youth organization which started from Korea now and many college students learn global mind and the student who led a life of debauchery find the gold of life and change through the IYF. And continually the pastor introduced world camp event too and he was very surprised after the president listened to this story.

The president told that he has already heard about what IYF has done and IYF is doing so good activities and he thought that it is thankful. He told that it is very good activities which also have an influence socially for students to scatter all over the world and play a role as an ambassador who introduce their country culture and exchange as they learn the country culture and he encouraged students. And he wondered that it is never easy work for these many students to go overseas for doing voluntary service and to do world camp but how the big work progresses and manages.

About it, as pastor Heon Mok Lee answered, the pastor told that IYF has many members who are working in area of all levels of society and IYF has operated by the support of the members.

Since many people do this work that it make global leaders with heart together and support many parts students can get opportunity to change through IYF. Whenever the president listened to every our word he was very surprised and happy he explained to Korean students Nepal politics situation and about history.

He told that Nepal is transition period which is accepting democracy and doing enact new constitution now. So now it is little uncomfortable but it will stabilize and Nepal will be developed newly. We have the heart that we hope development of Nepal truly as we all did sympathy together.

Pastor Heon Mok Lee invited the president to Korea world camp for next year. The president also accepted friendly and he told that IYF and Nepal becomes a close friend through this meeting. During the meeting he had been really warm with us and he was like a kind father as he gave us tea and 미타이 and he took care of the student for them to eat a lot.

After the meeting the president asked to take a picture first and we all took the picture together.Lincoln students did prepared fan dance for showing the president but they did not show it unfortunately since inside of palace did not allowed to turn on music or do performance. However the students who took a picture with the president as they wore Korean traditional clothes nicely were delighted though they felt sense of loss.

The meeting with president for about 50 minutes was comfortable as a familial atmosphere and it was good time to tell the president IYF in detail. And as the president met us and talked directly he opened about IYF and very enjoyed.

The meeting with president in this time was opportunity to show Nepal IYF greatly and hope to keep meeting continuously as a good relationship in future.

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