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(New Jersey, USA) 2015 Christmas Cantata US Tour Begins

The first city will be in New Jersey.

The Christmas Cantata Tour that thrilled America last year is back. People are excited, enthusiastic, and open-hearted in over 20 cities that the Gracias Choir tours.


Christmas Cantata has been held over five years and they have returned to America once again with the theme, “We bring the joy to you.” The performance will be held in 25 cities this year. At 6am (local time) on the 19th of September, the Cantata Tour bus set out to its first city from New York Mahanaim.


The first show this year began in New Jersey, the fourth smallest state in the US with the highest population density. In New Jersey, there are many cities but the Christmas Cantata will open in Newark in the Newark Symphony Hall. The Newark Symphony Hall has 2,800 seats and the longest history amongst theatres. This venue was first built by the intention of Mrs Parker O. Griffith to provide various types of music to different races. Consequently, the right place for the Gracias Choir that hopes to deliver the gift of Jesus through the Christmas Cantata without discrimination.






In the afternoon, there was a meeting among the New Jersey area pastors. It was the chance to promote the IYF, the Dallas World Religious Leader’s Forum in December, and preach the gospel.


The citizens of New Jersey started to line up 2 hours before the start of the performance. In a short while, the line became longer than a block and kept on getting longer.



“Everyone, you are the first in the world to see the 2015 Christmas Cantata!” What Pastor Terry Henderson said made the audience of New Jersey cheer and that’s how the 2015 Christmas Cantata’s curtains went up.


The audience was open to every movement of the Choir and sent unstinting applause.








Pastor Bang Won Park of the New York Church spoke about Brother John Choi who regained life after being stung by a scorpion and about the temple. “Everyone, everything that belongs to the world is temporary and do not last forever. They will diminish one day. But Heaven and all its things are eternal. Jesus bled and entered Heaven’s perfect and eternal sanctuary. Now we no longer need to be condemned by sins everyday nor pray in repentance. Jesus has bled and died on the cross for our sins, forever. I mean, forever.” As the words ended, everyone shouted and cheered in joy at their sins having been washed away.



“Amongst today’s performances, I liked the 1st and 3rd act. First, everything was perfect and wonderful. It was so amazing how they expressed the 1st act so realistically. It was a very thankful and touching moment of Jesus’ birth. Also, I cried as I heard Handel’s Messiah in the 3rd act. I don’t know why but tears came down. I think that song just really moved my heart. Music always touches people’s hearts but I think the Gracias Choir’s music is the best. “ – Randa Marklin

“The whole time I was watching the performance it was so touching. Amazing and touching. Especially, the 1st act of Jesus’ birth made my heart cry. I really felt that the Choir expressed it very well. It was professional and it felt like I was watching a movie the whole time. Also, the Pastor’s words about God who worked in the person stung by the scorpion was wonderful and amazing. I also believe in God and I was so thankful to God and amazing. “ – Kevin Johnson


“I came because my friend sent me a Cantata ticket. Every performance was perfect and I can’t choose which one was the best but if I were to pick among them, the chorus in the 3rd act was the best. The harmony of the choir and the orchestra was unbelievably fantastic.” – Daniela Angelica


The long-awaited Christmas Cantata in New Jersey ended wonderfully by grace of God. The Choir’s music planted a seed of joy in each and every person’s heart. Leaving behind the crowd of people returning home from the end of a dreamlike performance, we continue on our journey to the second city, Philadelphia.

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