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[New York] April, the Month of Abundance of the Gospel and Happiness

2016 New York Bible Crusade (Gracias Easter Cantata) & ‘Christian Leaders’ Symposium’

On the 15th of April (Fri), the ultimate morning of the New York Bible Crusade had finally arrived.

During this Bible Crusade, the main Seminar was held in the morning and the afternoon and the ‘Christian Leaders Syposium’ was also running alongside it. Through the applications of 100s of churches, many Ministers came to listen to the Word from Pastor Ock Soo Park.




On the final day of the Seminar, the Symposium was held in the church in Manhattan.



The church of Manhattan, who had acquired a new building only a few weeks ago, were full of testimony.

“Previously, we had our church building at the place where all the subways met but one day, Pastor Young Kook Park came and told me that the location was not good enough. Although I could not accept that at first, the more I thought about it, it really did seem not good enough as there wasn’t even a place to display our banner that could be used to invite new people. So, I began to look for a new chapel. Then, I was able to hear about the word in Joshua 14, and I had the heart that God was telling me to ‘Go to Hebron’, through Caleb. Despite the fact that Hebron was a very good place to go to, people without faith could not travel there because of the presence of the descendants of Anakim. Therefore, although it was burdensome, we began to search for place that was big and good enough to use. We eventually found a five-storey building, that would take twenty thousand dollars a month to rent- that is the chapel that we are in today. Although it is such an amazing thing that we could use such a building in Manhattan I had my doubts and when I saw the brothers and sisters who wanted to use this building despite the price, I felt embarrassed. Despite having difficulties in acquiring the building, we were able to accept the heart of Pastor and rent the whole building.


After acquiring the building, as we tried to prepare for the fast-approaching Bible Crusade, strangely, God continually did not allow us to receive the keys for that building. After asking Pastor about what to do, he told us to ignore the traditional method of witnessing and find a new strategy. So, we began to hold domestic Bible seminars in eight different regions in Manhattan. At first, we began with just the families, but as time passed more and more people from respective areas, apartments and regions were invited and received salvation. Moreover, we witnessed door-to-door everyday. Each team was able to have fellowship with about four people every day and at least two of them would receive salvation. One man said, “I was about to commit suicide but you came.” He was a man with severe depression stayed at home all day long but he was able to receive salvation through us. Later on, through the door-to-door witnessing and domestic Bible Seminars, many people were able to receive salvation.

To be honest, we could have promoted this through a kiosk or simply by handing out flyers, like we had done originally. However, because God had blocked the way, we could not do any of the things that we would normally do. Previously, we had never thought of witnessing in apartments that stank of urine and drugs but as we had no other way, we began to witness in the dangerous areas and eventually found that God had already prepare many people for us. These people are yearning for the Word of God.


I didn’t know that the one word of Pastor could change all of these things. I thought that it wouldn’t work out and it will be difficult until the ent, but Pastor led us until the end.

We finally moved to the new building recently. Our banner has become 500 times bigger. It used to be the size of a thumbnail. The promise has been accomplished. We were also able to create a big banner to promote Pastor [Ock Soo Park]’s Bible Seminar. I truly thank God.” -Pastor Chung Hwan Song, Manhattan Church


During the Symposium on the 15th of April, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the Word of the Gospel through 1 Corinthians 6:11-12. Pastor spoke about how the only way to the eternal forgiveness of sin is through the blood of Jesus Christ and that we have already become cleansed, holy and righteous inside of Jesus Christ.

The Ministers who had had their hearts filled with the Gospel through the three days of the Bible Crusade, were full of hope. “Now, it is our turn to preach the Gospel.” Like this, they returned to their respective churches to prepare for preaching the Gospel.


“I was able to learn about Good News Mission through the World Camp in New York, last year. At the time, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached about salvation and it was rally new for me. That was because, throughout my nine years of ministry, I had understood salvation with only my own thoughts. Afterwards, hearing about the heart of God through the Word of Pastor Ock Soo Park made me realize that I am righteous. That I have become eternally, forever holy! After I returned to Atlanta, I read a book written by Pastor Ock Soo Park called, ‘Repentance and Faith’ and through it I was able to have the assurance of salvation without a single doubt. The more I read, the more I became fascinated and I began to read his other books as well.

Through this symposium, I was able to hear the word of Pastor Ock Soo Park and have personal fellowship with him. For me, it was such an amazing and graceful time.

One thing that I am certain about is the work that is happening inside of me. I will preach this Word of salvation at my church. I hope that this clear salvation can be delivered to everyone. We will even have a Bible Seminar at my church, at Atlanta, in two weeks’ time with Pastor Young Kook Park. This Word of Salvation will also be preached at my church. I am so thankful and happy.” –Senior Pastor of Atlanta Winut Church, Pastor Miguel Montoya.

On the other hand, the final evening of the Bible Seminar was replaced with the Easter Cantata, so it happened, not at the Riverside Church (Venue for the Bible Crusade) but the United Palace Theatre.




Before the start of the performance, the Senator of Bronx came out in person to deliver the Appreciation Plaque for the Gracias Choir and Pastor Ock Soo Park who have been working for the people of New York.















All 3500 seats of the big theatre were filled. The audience clapped and reacted so joyfully to every scene and when Jesus came unto the stage after his resurrection, the sheer volume of the applause was astounding.



After the Cantata, the word of Pastor Ock Soo Park followed.

“Everyone, God has perfectly handed over all of your sins to Jesus. That is why Jesus received the ultimate punishment on the cross. That is why Jesus had to wear the crown of thorns, that is why he had to be whipped and that is why he had to pass away on the cross. If the President of Hyundai declares someone to be a Manager, then automatically, that person becomes a Manager. More than this, Jesus Christ, the king of the whole universe is telling us that we are righteous. Folks, if Jesus tells us that we are righteous, then we are righteous. This is the reason why Jesus Christ had to pass away on the cross and become resurrected.”


“The Easter performance today was amazing. It has inspired me and the Word was so great as well.

I am actually a Pastor at the “Christian Church for the People”, and when I invited Pastor Young Kook Park to come and preach at my church last Sunday, it was the best. After hearing the work that you have been doing, I thought that it is my responsibility as the Senator to deliver the Appreciation Plaque to the choir and Pastor Ock Soo Park.” –Senator of Bronx, Rueben Diaz



While listening to the continued cheering of the audience, many thoughts crossed my mind. The reason for these many people applauding and being happy was not because of the greatness of the choir’s music nor was it because the Easter performance was so great. It is because, their hearts were engraved with Jesus Christ, who had died on the cross for our sins. For New York, March and April were months where the great blessings that God had prepared was revealed. All this time, we have had the Easter Cantata Tour, Bible Seminars from the invitation of established churches, and even the Bible Crusade. If anything, the one thing that is certain is that all these things could not have been prepared by a human. The will of God had led us little by little, even without us noticing it. I give glory to God who has accomplished all of these works.

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