[New York] Bible Crusade, If God says that You are Justified, then You Are Justified!

Last day of 2017 New York Bible Crusade

The center of New York, Manhattan.

Will the Gospel be able to spread far and wide in this city?

On the 21st of April, the Gracias Choir Easter Cantata took place in the United Palace Theatre.

Although it was the last day of the Bible Crusade, it was also the finale of the Easter Cantata tour that had been taking place for the past few months. These things combined attracted a lot of people who were very excited.

“Everyone, if we work, it might not work out so well, so God is telling us to just stay still in all the work of sanctifying and taking away our sin. Jesus Christ has done everything! Jesus took all the sins of the world and went to the eternal altar in heaven and washed our sins as white as snow.” (From the sermon of Pastor Ock Soo Park)

Directly after the performance, the audience whose hearts had been moved, listened carefully to the precise and wonderful message of the Gospel from Pastor Ock Soo Park.

“I may not know very well but if the master of this universe, God, tells me that I am justified, then I am justified! That is what is written in the Bible. You must believe in this word.

Jesus died on the cross but if you still say that you are a sinner, that means that the cross of Jesus has failed. Jesus did not die in vain. Do not trust in your own thoughts but believe in the word of God!” (From Pastor Ock Soo Park’s Message)

Pat, who is a security guard inside of United Palace Theatre was guarding the hall when she coincidentally heard all the sermons of this Bible Crusade. Upon the first meeting, she said that she was a Catholic and that she worshipped Mary unlike other Christians who only serve Jesus.

However, when asked whether she understood the sermon today, Pat immediately replied that she had and that she was righteous.

“Did you understand today’s sermon?”

“Yes! I understood it clearly. I am justified. I have no sin.

If God says that I am justified, then I am justified, no matter what happens!”

– Patricia

“I came after receiving a ticket from my church Pastor. The Easter Cantata was wonderful. The performance, the actors were all amazing and the overall story was so deep. It revealed even the smallest details of the Bible. The most memorable scene was when Jesus was bearing the cross and walking with it. It seemed so real.

Also, I had never heard the sermon of this Pastor before. Pastor Ock Soo Park went through the Old Testament very precisely while preaching the Gospel. Many pastors tell us that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins but there are not many that tell us the actual reason why. However, Pastor Ock Soo Park explained the sin offering that people used in the past and also why that was not enough and why therefore Jesus had to come down to Earth.

Now, I know exactly why Jesus had to die on the cross. Also, I know how our sins have been perfectly sanctified. I am not a sinner!

Pastor told us not to believe in our own thoughts that called ourselves sinners. He told us to believe that we have become justified through Jesus who was sent by God. Jesus Christ shed his blood and all our sins have been forgiven. We should no longer think that we are not justified. Because, that is simply not true. It was truly amazing. I have never thought about it like that. Many people believe in the complete opposite. If God says that we are justified, then we are justified. We must believe this!”

– Wanda

When we first chose the United Palace Theatre as a venue, we could not understand why God had given this place to us.

However, during the preparation of the Bible Crusade, we realized that there was no one in Manhattan who did not know about the Cantata that took place in this venue. This was because of the ongoing Christmas Cantata performances that have been taking place for the past few years.

This place was indeed a place prepared by God for a long time.

The thousands of people who have come to the United Palace Theatre were able to see the vivid Gospel, heart it with their ears and engrave it in their hearts. We are so hopeful for those New York citizens who will find us once or twice to discover the precise meaning of salvation by hearing the gospel.





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